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Naamkarann: Neil and Avni realize their presence around. They have few hits and misses. Neil wonders if he had really heard Avni’s voice. KK gets attention of his fans. Neil gets a fun time while being with humorous KK. Neil and Avni come to the same cafe. Avni leaves Mogli there till she arranges food. Neil meets Mogli. He feeds the hungry boy. Neil gets to know about Nilanjana and asks him about her. Mogli tells him that Nilanjana stays busy most of the time as she has to look after many kids. Neil pays for the food. Avni learns about the man paying for kids’ food. She refuses to take anyone’s help and keeps her esteem.

Rishton Ka Chakravyuh:

Baldev asks Narottam not to leave his father. He begs him for one chance to repent. He regrets that he didn’t understand him till now. He tells Narottam how tensed he got knowing his son left. He promises to give his name and all the happiness he deserves. He bonds with Narottam. Narottam gracefully accepts his father. They forget all the past. Anami apologizes to Satrupa in advance. She then reveals that she has lied to her about her foster parents. She tells Satrupa that her foster parents are alive and the reason of lie was just to secure them. She regrets to doubt on Satrupa. She clarifies her move.


Dadi gets happy seeing Kartik and Naira together. She realizes they are acting to be happy to keep her respect. Kartik and Naira pretend to be a happy couple in front of Mausi Dadi/Jiji. Naitik gets stressed about KaiRa’s relation. He talks to Priyanka about it. Priyanka gives him courage to tolerate the tensions. Kartik and Naira come closer while acting. Jiji realizes Dadi’s interference in KaiRa’s relation. She senses her sister’s indifference towards Naira. She plans a game and makes KaiRa team up together.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

Mihika reveals to Bhallas and Iyers that she had planned everything with Ishita to fail Simmi and Parmeet. She tells Simmi that it isn’t easy to break Iyer sisters. She taunts Simmi for her foolishness. She values Iyers’ upbringing, values and bond. She tells them that the tension between Ishita and her was well-planned. Iyers feel proud of Mihika. Simmi gets angry for lying to them. Romi takes a stand for Mihika. He tells Simmi that he has also supported Mihika in her plans. Mihika and Romi reveal how Ishita called Pooja at the court and proved Romi’s innocence.

Meri Durga:

Gayatri doesn’t let Sanjay and Durga know about the auction. Durga asks Gayatri why is she sending her off so soon. Gayatri asks Durga to go to her village and celebrate her victory. Gayatri tells Durga that she isn’t scared of anyone, and they shouldn’t let fear drop their happiness. Yashpal sends a car to pick Durga. He fulfills his dream to get honor for Durga. Durga and Sanjay leave for her village. Gayatri gets emotional seeing her house. She prepares herself to face the storm. Gayatri weeps seeing her house auction, while Yashpal rejoices Durga’s felicitation ceremony organized by the villagers. Yashpal doesn’t want Durga’s dreams to get laid back ever.

The villagers apologize to Durga and her family for their bad behavior. They feel proud of her. Durga gets honored by them. Durga writes a history for the village. The villagers feel sorry to understate her talents and determination. Durga thanks the Sarpanch for returning their lost esteem. Neelkant turns upset seeing the house auction. Gayatri tolerates everything silently. Sanjay feels proud seeing Durga’s felicitation. Durga’s house walls get cleaned of the bad remarks written many years ago. Durga turns emotional. Aarti’s dad buys Gayatri’s house.


Veer signals Anika to loosen the screws of the large backdrop. He wants to hurt Shivay and his brothers. The sangeet ceremony begins well. Jhanvi tells Anika that Omkara should become part of the celebrations, as Tej isn’t coming because of Shivay. Anika asks Gauri to convince Omkara. She gets upset with Jhanvi’s annoyance. Shivay asks Anika not to think much. She tells him that Tej and Jhanvi didn’t forgive and accept him yet. She feels sorry for Shivay. He asks her not to care for all this. He promises to make everything fine. He sends her to fool Veer. Shivay welcomes the guests in his brother’s Sangeet. Obros perform on the stage. They take risk to convince Veer that Anika can be trusted.

Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji:

Uma decides to change himself for the better. He drops Kanak at Rathi house. Bhabho blesses Uma for his new endeavors. Uma asks Bhabho to take care of Kanak. He vows to remarry Kanak after 12 days. He tells Kanak that he will earn success and deserve to become her husband. The family feels happy seeing the good change in Uma. Uma wants to become responsible and loving person. He asks Kanak to live with her family till he returns. Uma and Kanak get away for few days.


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