TGI Friday’s Spoilers

Spoilers Kumkum Kundali and more

Sasural Simar Ka: Simar takes trishul in her hand and angrily attacks Bhairavi to end her evil. She protects her family from Bhairav. Simar tells Bhairavi that no one can harm her family till she is alive. Bhairavi was playing a deadly game. She was calling out Simar and her family. She challenged Simar to come out. Simar takes down Bhairavi. She gets Mata Rani’s blessings. She tells Bhairavi that Bharadwaj family is not just a family, but a thinking, which can never end. Bhairavi doesn’t accept this. Simar says you have to die today, your evil has increased a lot. Simar kills Bhairavi in front of the family.

Dil Se Dil Tak:

Teni gets taunting Shorvori over her fate. She forgets her vows and decision to stay with Shorvori with love. She now gets heartbroken. She feels Shorvori has stolen her passport and cancelled her honeymoon trip with Parth. She gets out anger on Shorvori. Teni gets bitter tongued and hurts Shorvori’s feelings. She doesn’t confirm if Shorvori has really stolen the passport. Kaki tells Teni that its not proved that Shorvori has stolen her passport, still they can understand the culprit just had intention to stop her from going with Parth, none other than Shorvori can do this.


Susheel brings a smile on Kiran’s face. She gets happiness in Leela’s house. Susheel teaches skating to Leela. Kiran enjoys skating. She likes Susheel. Leela worries that Kiran can fall down the skates. Susheel asks Leela not to worry and encourage Kiran. Kiran says I have done it. Susheel records Kiran’s happy moment. Satya feels proud of Susheel when she cheers Kiran. Susheel asks Kiran not to think anything and leaves all fears behind. Satya is very happy, but hides his happiness by his fake anger. He doesn’t want to forget what Mehul did with Kiran.


Suraj and Chakor celebrate his birthday. Chakor makes halwa for Suraj on his request. She tells him that maybe they can’t celebrate the birthday. Suraj gets upset. She surprises him with special decorations and romantic set up. Chakor dons a stunning attire. Suraj likes the special surprise. Chakor tells him that its a special day for them, they are celebrating birthday after 5 years. They have romance. Chakor makes the heart shaped halwa cake. She asks Suraj to pray to Lord that he wins over his enemies. Suraj makes a wish to always have Chakor with him.

Laado 2:

Rantej has undergone a big operation and lost his manhood. Rantej realizes this shocking thing and shatters. He hides from the family. He prefers staying alone and makes Meera out of his room. Malhari finds him behaving crazy. The family doesn’t know what happened to Rantej and how. Malhari gifts many sarees and jewelry to Meera. She asks Meera to impress Rantej by dressing up well. She teaches Meera how to keep husband happy. She is troubled by Rantej’s strange behavior. Yuvraaj finds Meera hurt. He learns Meera was beaten up by Rantej. He tells Malhari that Meera needs her husband’s love, not tortures. He opposes Rantej. He gets angry on Rantej for hurting his wife.


Harman recovers after Soumya’s prayers. There happens another drama. Surbhi gets pregnant with Varun’s child. Maninder gets Surbhi to Singh house. Harak and Preeto ask Varun what’s the matter. Maninder scolds them. He reveals that Surbhi is bearing Varun’s child. Harak asks Varun to break his silence. Varun speaks up and tells them about Surbhi’s affair with his colleague. He raises a question on her character.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai:

Ada Khan anchors the valentines day competition. Dadi sends Kartik and Naira in the competition so that they can solve their fight. Dadi wants them to understand each other like before. The competition has many interesting rounds. Kartik and Naira have an argument. They participate after much thinking. Ada becomes the host for the beautiful evening. She thanks everyone for giving her a chance to anchor the show.


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