Neil misses to learn Avni’s presence in Naamkarann


Avni convinces Saisha to participate in the cultural event. She gifts her the radio and also reveals that her favorite actor is the chief guest of the event. Saisha agrees to participate. She knows Avni is doing everything to save the house. She tells Avni how much she loves her. Avni gets emotional and sees Mishti in her. She is happy that Mishti has turned bold and cheerful Saisha. Sunehri asks Avni not to take stress about anything. Saisha tells Avni that they will together save their house, and she also wants to contribute some efforts. She aims to win the competition and the prize money. Avni takes Saisha for the auditions.

Neil misses Avni. He thinks of her comeback. He wishes Avni comes to stop him if he risks his life again. Neil gets to the river side. Saisha doesn’t get a chance to sing. Avni requests the organizers and earns a chance for Saisha. She asks Saisha if her preparations are done well. She wishes Saisha all the best.

Avni can’t take the risk of letting Neil know about her survival. She struggles to make the kids’ lives better. Neil decides to jump in the river. Mogli stops him and asks him for help. He asks Neil to drop him to his house. Neil promises to safely drop him to Nilanjana. Saisha sings beautifully and wins a chance in the main round. She gets elected. Mogli tells Neil that he knows the house address and can take him there. Mogli and Neil come home. Avni gets informed about some kidnapper. She asks the kids not to attack anyone and instead call police. Neil and Mogli play a chase game.

The kids see them and misunderstand Neil. They attack on Neil and turn him unconscious. Mogli tries to tell them that Neil is his new friend, not any kidnapper. Avni, Sunehri and Saisha rush for home. Avni doesn’t want any risk for Mogli. Avni wants to secure Mogli. Mogli tells the kids that Neil isn’t kidnapper, he is a humble man who bought food for them. The kids find it Neil’s trick. They tie up Neil with ropes. Neil struggles to get free. KK calls up Neil and informs him about shoot. He asks Neil to come to hotel soon. Avni learns the kidnapper is still locked inside. Before Avni could see Neil, he makes a leave from there.


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