Neil to reach Avni’s place in Naamkarann


Neil reaches the orphanage. He doesn’t know Avni lives there. Neil drops Mogli there. He doesn’t meet Avni. He plays with Mogli. He tries to catch Mogli. Mogli runs away from him. The orphanage kids misunderstand Neil seeing him chasing Mogli. He gets troubled by the kids. The kids assume him to be some kidnapper. They beat him up. Neil explains that he is not any thug. Avni learns a kidnapper has come home. She gets worried and assumes the kidnapper to be one of the goons who messed up her house.

The kids lock up Neil. Avni gets tensed to go in and see him. When the kids take Avni to him, they don’t see the kidnapper. Avni misses to see Neil once again. Later, Avni makes the kids participate in the cultural dance event. The kids rehearse on the stage. Neil saves the kids from a disaster. Avni and Neil have a hit and miss at the event. Avni conspires to win the prize money and save her house.


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