Pooja to suffer by Naren’s crazy love yet again in Piyaa Albela


Pooja gets shot while being in Naren’s election campaign. Naren was in dilemma over his order given to the henchman to shoot her. Naren cancelled the plan, but failed to explain. He asks his manager to call the assassin again, if anything happens to Pooja, he won’t spare anyone. Before he could stop the assassin, Pooja spots the sniper and pushes Naren. She risks her life to save Naren. Pooja shouts out to Naren. She then learns it was Naren’s plan. She gets a huge shock and drops her will to live.

Pooja collapses down, while the crowd creates a havoc to save their lives. Naren feels sorry and rushes Pooja to the hospital. Naren doesn’t know the bullet was shot by Anuj. He felt his assassin has shot Pooja by mistake. He wanted to vent anger on Pooja. He tried hard to change his plans, but failed miserably. Naren realizes he was the target and Pooja has saved him by sacrificing her life. He sinks in guilt that he had planned such a thing for Pooja.

Pooja gets injured by Naren’s fault. Naren meets Pooja in the hospital and apologizes to her. She gets deeply hurt that he has cheated her again. She asks Naren to leave. Chandrika gets angry knowing Naren tried to kill Pooja. She slaps Naren. She tells Naren that she is happy that she isn’t related to him. She can’t tolerate anything happening to Pooja. She ends ties with Naren. She makes Naren out of Pooja’s life as well.


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