Aarohi to trick Deep yet again in Ishq Mein Marjawa


Aarohi has become Tara for the family. She bribes the doctor and makes a fake pregnancy report. Doctor has told Deep that Tara can never conceive. Aarohi wants to prove this a lie. She tells the doctor that her married life is in risk, she needs the fake report to save her marriage. She pressurizes the doctor to help her. She blackmails him by showing his dirty video. Doctor gets worried and agrees to make the fake reports to save his secrets from leaking. She asks him to swear that he won’t reveal her truth to anyone. He apologizes to her.

Deep looks for Tara and comes to the hospital. Doctor scolds Deep for doubting on his wife. He says you should be happy that your wife is pregnant, why are you doubting on her. Deep shows the old reports and says our family doctor told us that she can never conceive. Doctor tells him that its an old report and now she is healthy enough to conceive. He asks Deep to accept the truth. Deep worries for answering Virat about the heir-ship.


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