Holi celebrations brings Anushka-Yuvraaj closer in Laado 2


Choudhary faṁily celebrates holi. Anushka does mischief. She gets naughty and plans to throw the colors on him. Yuvraaj leaves for work. Anushka stops him and throws the bucket of colored water over him. She tells him that this is their first Holi, if he goes out like this, anyone would ask him if his wife didn’t apply him colors. She asks him not to feel bad. Yuvraaj smiles feeling happy. He joins the family in Holi celebrations. He drinks Bhaang. He finds Anushka and chases her to color. He fails to throw colors at her. Anushka gets saved every time. She challenges Yuvraaj to apply holi to her.

Yuvraaj attempts again and trips down. Anushka tries to balance him. They have romantic moments. They play Holi happily. Yuvraaj doesn’t like Holi, but he gets carried away after having the Bhaang. Yuvraaj and Anushka’s romance will be seen. Yuvraaj tells her that he likes green color and he will apply her the color. He loves her, but doesn’t express it by his anger. He gets his emotions out. He expresses his love to Anushka. He enjoys his time and shows his passion for Anushka. Malhari gets to see Yuvraaj and Anushka closer. She doesn’t want Yuvraaj to go on Anushka’s side.


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