Saisha to hurt Avni’s sentiments in Naamkarann


Neil spots Avni on the stage after he saves Mogli. He assumes her to be his hallucination. Avni leaves with the kids. Neil gets heartbroken when Avni disappears. He realizes Avni will come every time he risks his life. KK comes to the event and finds Neil doing the stunt. He asks Neil to take care of himself and just do the stunts for his movie. He asks Neil to know his worth. He worries for Neil’s wound. Neil wishes to be left alone. Neil wants to feel Avni around. He wishes Avni could come to him and stayed for longer. Neil meets Mogli again. Mogli thanks him for saving his life. Neil asks him if he is hungry again. Mogli gives him the rose chosen by Avni. Neil finds some connection with Mogli’s caretaker.

Avni worries for Mogli’s well being. Saisha informs that the event will happen tomorrow. Mogli tells them that the same man got him home that day, he isn’t any kidnapper. The kids worry for Avni’s wound. Avni realizes the accident was planned by the goons. Sunehri tells her that it was just an accident.

Avni tells her that its not any coincidence, the concert is important to them and people know about it. She knows the goons are trying to break their courage. She wants to win the prize money and rent another house. Sunehri tells her that goons can be present in any locality. Avni wants to avoid the problems. Sunehri asks her not to keep running from problems. Saisha stays strong and keen to perform in the function. KK asks Neil to take care of himself as he would be playing his body double. Neil asks him to give him some peace. Neil fixes a meeting with DD. KK gets determined to fill romance in Neil. Saisha behaves weird. Avni explains her that they are helpless to leave from the house. Saisha suggests they should fight instead of moving out.

When Avni fails to explain her, Saisha refuses to sing. Avni tells her that everyone’s future depends on her singing. Saisha doesn’t turn up for the event. Avni gets happy that she can manage to save the house and also clear the fees of kids. She has belief that Saisha will come and sing for them. She asks Saisha to come back soon. Saisha refuses to comply. Avni doesn’t know that Saisha is held at fun point.

Saisha reacts rude towards Avni and scolds her for using them for earnings. She calls Avni a loser and hurts her sentiments. Avni sheds tears when Saisha calls her selfish. Saisha feels sorry to hurt Avni’s heart. Avni asks her to come once for the sake of everyone. Saisha asks Avni to withdraw her name from the competition, else save them by singing herself. Avni decides to sing and win the prize money. Neil gets close to see Avni again.


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