Week’s Top Spoilers

Telly Spoilers YRKKH, Silsila, Muskaan

Savitri Devi College and Hospital:
Jaya and Dr Anand have a confrontation in the hospital. There is much drama in the Holi festival. Jaya doesn’t let Gayatri apply her Holi. Sanchi is getting married. The enmity between Malhotra and Mishra families will be seen. Anand hasn’t left the hospital yet. Sanchi and Veer are getting troubled by the enmity. They are facing problems. Sanchi is getting married to Kabir because of the misunderstandings. Veer agrees to marry Aisha.

Jija ji Chhat Par Hai:

A guy flirts with Ilaychi. She gets angry on the guy and asks him how dare he tells her I love you. She scolds him a lot. She learns the guy is hypnotized. She gets an idea to hypnotize Pancham. She wants to play a naughty trick. She doesn’t know if the hypnotism will work or now.

Piyaa Albela:

Rahul and Naina make a plan to hurt Pooja. They get engaged. Naren makes a plan with the pandit. He makes Pooja do the aarti along with him. Pooja doesn’t want Rahul and Naina to marry. She has learnt that Naina has killed Mayank. She doesn’t know Naina’s motive. She feels Naina is a threat to the family. She wants to stop the marriage. Naina wants to marry Rahul and kill him for his property. Rahul insults Chandrika and Pooja. Naren can’t tolerate Pooja’s insult. Rahul throws money at Pooja and asks her to dance in her Sangeet. He forces Chandrika and other women for dance. Chandrika wants Naren to distribute the ghungroos to the women. Naren knows Chandrika’s anger and agrees to her.

Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre:

Devi’s truth gets known to Adhiraj. Maasa’s wicked planning is exposed by Devi. Adhiraj gets angry on Maasa. He confronts Maasa for spoiling his married life. Maasa faces a big failure when Devi reveals her truth to Adhiraj. Maasa loses in her evil. Devi’s goodness wins over evil again, even when Maasa and Urmi tried hard to make Devi away. Maasa has always fed hatred in Adhiraj’s mind. Maasa has done much against Devi. Adhiraj asks Maasa did she try to make him away from Devi or not. Maasa admits it. Adhiraj asks Maasa to leave from the haveli. He wants to do his duties as a husband. Maasa gets badly stuck. Devi has all the evidence to expose Maasa’s doings.

Bhabhi ji Ghar Par Hai:
Tiwari contests in elections. He gets a golden chance to become a chief minister. Tiwari wants to do a lot for the welfare of the people. He plans to settle scores with Vibhuti. He wants to open a park for Anita ji. Tiwari makes big plans and hopes he wins the elections. Vibhuti gets jealous seeing the attention received by Tiwari. Angoori gives her demands list to Tiwari. Anita wants to become Tiwari’s secretary. Tiwari gets worried by the coming responsibilities.

Leela acts mad to get the chip from Susheel. She bites Susheel’s hand. Satya helps Susheel and stops Leela from hurting Susheel. Satya then cares for Susheel’s wound. Sejal takes a disguise and enters the house. Sejal and Susheel will together expose Leela and her wicked intentions to the family. Leela doesn’t know the biker girl is actually her obedient bahu Sejal.


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