Raman to get trapped in a big conspiracy in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: A shocking allegation on Raman

Ishita suspects Simmi to be involved in Parmeet’s conspiracy. The family worries when Simmi goes missing. Raman calms them and informs that Simmi has gone to a temple. Shagun spots Simmi and informs Ishita about her. Simmi meets Parmeet secretly and tells him that she has liked his plan to live in with Iyers. He tells her that he wanted to stay close to her. Simmi and Parmeet express their love for each other. They spend some time together. Ishita tracks them down and warns them against plotting against the family. Ishita confronts Simmi for lying to the family and meeting Parmeet. She asks Simmi how can she stoop more low. She wants to tell Raman about Simmi and Parmeet’s planning.

Simmi tells Ishita that she will take revenge from her, just like before. She reveals her plan of sending Raman to a mental asylum. She threatens Ishita about Raman’s life. She makes Ishita run to save Raman. Simmi and Parmeet play the cheap trick by targeting Raman again. Raman receives a shocking call, planned by Simmi. Simmi learns her plan is executed. She plays a new game.

She wants Raman to get a panic attack and behave mad. A lady asks Raman to meet her, as he is related to her. Raman doesn’t remember his relations. He doesn’t know if the lady is saying true about their past or not. Simmi tells Parmeet that she has made the entire plan against Raman. She wants to settle scores with Ishita. Ishita meets Raman and asks him about the disturbing call. Raman doesn’t know what to tell her and how. He doesn’t reveal anything to her. She gets occupied to know about the mysterious call.

Bala feels guilty to mortgage the house. He apologizes to Iyers and promises to get the house freed from Parmeet. The Bhallas find Raman tensed. Ishita stays restless to know what is Simmi upto. Simmi knows Raman can’t divulge any details to Ishita. Raman reaches the restaurant to meet the lady. Ishita follows him to know the matter. She gets spying to protect him. Raman spots Ishita. He clears out to her that he has come to meet someone who has her house property papers. She gets grateful to him. Aaliya also visits the cafe to meet Adi. She finds Raman there. Raman asks Aaliya not to mention about him at home. Aaliya finds him tensed and worries for him. Raman meets the lady, who fools him by fake stories. Simmi troubles Raman further.



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