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Roop and Veer try their best to get Tia away from Shivay’s reach. Shivay counters their planning and saves Tia once again. Roop reaches Tia and passes her a tray. She asks Tia to have the soup, while Tia gets to see a mobile inside the tray. She gets a big shock seeing a video, where she finds her husband Robin and son kidnapped by Veer. Roop blackmails Tia about her family and asks her to stay silent in front of Shivay. Tia gets helpless to veil the secret again. Veer gets a new member to break the Oberoi Family.

Jiji Maa:

Gayatri gets a chance to enter Rawat house because of Falguni. Jayant stops Gayatri from leaving, when Falguni tells him that Gayatri may have not been wrong completely. He wants to know the past matter. Jayant doesn’t reveal much in front of Suyash. Jayant sends Falguni with Suyash for work, as he is not able to accompany. Uttara gets much upset when she sees Suyash bringing Falguni home, while carrying her in arms. Falguni tells Uttara about her twisted ankle.

Ishq Mein Marjawa:

Deep congratulates Tara for the good news. He is very happy that he will be soon become a father. Aarohi gets uncomfortable. She asks him if he is missing Aarohi. He tells that Tara can never be like Aarohi. She gets a chance to turn angry and hurt herself. He stops her from drinking. He has a doubt on her. He wants to read her reactions and know if she is really Tara or Aarohi. Aarohi understands what is Deep planning to do. She tries to stay in Tara’s character by reacting impulsive. She wants Deep to believe that she is Tara. She gives him rude and crazy answers.


Meera gets stuck in between her family and principles. She doesn’t want to get engaged when her family is in financial difficulty. Vivaan and Meera meet in the Mata Ki Chowki. They show tashan to each other. Meera’s marriage is fixed. The family keeps the ceremony for peace. Vivaan keeps his mom’s gold jewelry in the aarti plate. He wants to know how Meera got his mum’s bangle. The mystery about the bangles will be revealed. Meera doesn’t want to sacrifice her self esteem to proceed for marriage.

Kundali Bhagya:
Karan exposes Prithvi in front of Preeta. Prithvi reminds that he is Preeta’s would be husband. Karan promises to fail him in every game. Karan tells Prithvi that he will not let him marry Preeta. Prithvi will be soon out of Preeta’s life.

Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji:
Kanak gears up to meet Uma after a span of two years. Kanak and Meera have a meet. Meera gets late. Kanak makes Meera apologize to her. Kanak gets into an argument with Meera and tells her that she isn’t capable of doing anything against her. Meera gets speechless when Kanak humiliates her. Meera is compelled to apologize, knowing about Kanak’s position. Kanak looks forward to meet Uma, who still loves her. They come face to face after two years. Uma feels to tell Kanak how much he misses her.

Savitri Devi College and Hospital:

Sanchi gets ready for marriage. She doesn’t love Kabir. She is marrying Kabir just for Jaya’s happiness. Jaya tells her that Kabir is the right guy for her. She blesses Sanchi and gets emotional on seeing her in a bridal attire. Veer will be bringing a twist in the marriage. Veer and Sanchi will get married.

Kaal Bhairav Rahasya:

Namrata gets threatened by Seth ji, who asks her to deliver the Shlvlings in four days. Namrata seeks help from Gauri, who leaves the village in search of Shivlings. They try their best to get the Shivlings and follow Yashpal. Rahul learns about the lorry attack on Yashpal. He tells Yashpal that he has seen Shambu travelling in the same lorry. The suspicion on Shambu gets higher. The lorry disappears, which leaves many questions unanswered. Gauri spots the same lorry.

Piyaa Albela:

Rahul and Naina’s marriage gets a twist, when Naina’s dupatta catches fire. The marriage gets a halt. Naren gets Pooja’s call. She informs him that she is in danger. Naren runs to save Pooja. The goons torture Pooja and Surbhi. Naren makes a heroic entry. He finds Pooja and Surbhi in trouble. Pooja was rescuing Surbhi and fell weak. She falls in trouble when the goons attack her. Naren saves them from the goons. He fights with the goons. Anuj spots Naren saving Pooja from the goons and fighting for her. Anuj gets a change of heart. He feels bad that he has misunderstood Naren.

Tu Aashiqui:

Pankti and Ahaan reach the Rising Star audition venue. Ahaan introduces Pankti’s budding talent. He wants her voice to reach million of hearts. Pankti and everyone else get a shock when they learn that JD is one of the jury members. JD gets welcomed by the panel. JD tries to demoralize Pankti. Ahaan asks Pankti not to think of JD and just focus on her singing. Pankti sings to win the audience’s heart. The live voting goes in her favor. Manav, Aparna and Kaira watch Pankti singing on the show and vote for her. Vikram and Richa blame Pankti for Sheetal’s state. They get against Pankti. Pankti gets selected in the auditions. JD loses to cover her talents. Ahaan makes fun of JD and tells him that Pankti’s success flight can’t be stopped now.


Avni’s music connects with Neil’s heart. He feels like he has heard Avni’s voice before. He goes to meet the singer whose voice is not getting off his mind. Avni hides from Neil once again.


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