Avni and Neil’s special moments to highlight in Naamkarann


DD and Mitali assume that Neil has gone to his hotel. Neil goes to Avni’s house. He still thinks he is hallucinating. Avni asks him to sleep. Neil doesn’t want her to get away from his sight. He tells her that he won’t sleep, else she will not come back to him. Avni cries out realizing his immense love, which didn’t deter in the long span of ten years. Avni recalls the old past with Neil. She knows Neil still loves her and didn’t move on in life with anyone else. She feels proud to have a husband like him. Neil and Avni’s meet after ten years gets realized by just Avni. Neil is happy to stay in the dreamy world.

Neil tells Avni that he wants the dream to continue like this. Neil and Avni spend time together. Avni tells him that she is always with him. He asks her not to say this, as this will revive his fears of losing her again. He asks Avni why didn’t she keep her promise. He feels sorry to disappoint her by not saving her life. Neil finds her tears real and asks Avni is she for real in front of him. Neil wants to live every moment with her.

Avni too wants to live the moment like the last day of their togetherness. She decides to cherish the moments after they get separated again. Sunehri finds DD and cries out her heart to the prince of her dreams. Sunehri expresses her feelings to DD. She confesses love and proposes DD for marriage. DD gets aback by the surprise. The kids realize DD is Sunehri’s love. Avni and Neil lie under the sky and see the charming stars. They wish their life stays the same forever. They recall their old times and journey. Neil gets dissolving into the night. He asks Avni to stay with him forever. He wonders about WHAT-IFs in their life.

Avni doesn’t control her tears listening to Neil’s sorrow. KK and Saisha meet on a coffee date. Saisha gets glad to be with him. KK asks her about her family. Saisha feels odd to tell him about the orphanage kids.

Saisha lies to KK about managing the orphan kids along with her mom. She presents her life well. She lies that her dad is a police officer. KK gets impressed by her. He gets praising Avni. Saisha lies that she has sung the song today and Avni has just did lip-sync. Saisha tries to impress him more by her lies. Neil asks Avni why did she leave him. He regrets over their life shattering by her leaving. Avni disappears before Neil regains senses. Neil gets to meet Sunehri and gets close to know about Avni’s existence.


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