Abhimanyu to reveal Babbu’s truth in Nimki Mukhiya


Nimki learns Babbu’s truth. She gets disturbed. She couldn’t imagine that Babbu is not a good person. She meets Abhimanyu and his family. He gets angry on her that she didn’t attend panchayat when she was needed there. He asks her why did she send Babbu in her place, who is he to decide about panchayat. She says Babbu is my husband, why are you angry, I did what I felt right. He says Babbu is not any Mukhiya to take a decision.

She tells him that she called him to take advice, but he didn’t turn up to help. He tells her that he was busy. She asks him to be quiet and listen to her. He tells her about Babbu’s decision which has done injustice with people. His daughter tells Nimki that Babbu is a villain, he is not a hero. Nimki feels bad. She thinks she has done wrong by sending Babbu in the panchayat. Abhimanyu reminds her the vows she has taken while becoming Mukhiya. He asks her to do the duties of a Mukhiya, as people need her and justified decisions in their favor. He encourages Nimki to go to panchayat and shoo away Babbu Singh.


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