Dil Se Dil Tak: Teni to receive a big jolt


Teni faces an ugly moment when the women protesters attack her with disgrace. Shorvori takes a stand for Teni’s respect. The women want to throw out Teni from Bhanushali house and their so called clean society. They insult Teni and hurt her. Parth, Shorvori and entire family support Teni. Parth raises a hand on the protesting woman and asks her to stop it. Dada ji threatens of calling the police. The women get black color to stain Teni’s face. They want to punish Teni for ruining someone’s life. Shorvori asks them not to dare touch Teni.

The lady tells Shorvori that Teni has ruined her marriage, she is her Sautan and deserves this insult. Shorvori tells them that Teni is like her sister and none can understand their unique relation. She threatens them to leave Teni. Teni receives a big trauma and cries. Parth and Shorvori protect Teni from them.

Shorvori teaches a lesson to the women. She clears that she has no problem with Teni and doesn’t need anyone’s help in dealing with her family matters. She throws out the women from the home. She consoles heartbroken Teni. The family meets a lawyer, who suggests Parth to choose either of Teni or Shorvori to end the society’s clashes. Lawyer asks Parth to divorce one of his wife if he wants peace to sustain in his life. The family gets worried for Parth, Teni and Shorvori, who didn’t think their relation will see such day. Lawyer tells Parth that this is the only solution for them. He asks Parth to make a choice sooner so that the news about him can get off. What will Parth decide? Whom will Parth choose, Teni or Shorvori? Keep reading.


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