High Five Spoilers

High Five Spoilers: Shakti, Yeh Un Dinon and more

Suraj and Chakor anger Ranvijay to the core. Suraj reveals his evil crimes. Suraj ruins the room and tells Ranvijay that this is done by him. Ranvijay asks him to stop it. Suraj does such stuff that instigates Ranvijay to show his mental side again. Imli finds Ranvijay’s room messed up. Ranvijay gets provoked by Suraj and gets shouting madly. Imli calls a doctor and gets Ranvijay treated. Suraj threatens to kill Ranvijay in Imli’s absence. Suraj disappears. Ranvijay fails to prove Suraj’s plan. Doctor tells Imli that Ranvijay is losing his mental balance. Imli sends Ranvijay to mental hospital so that he gets fine soon and comes back. Imli plans to sell off Gauri on pretext of marriage. Suraj and Chakor want to save Gauri from Imli’s evil planning.

Satya and Susheel play Holi. Satya doesn’t like colors. Susheel teases him to make him come ahead for playing Holi. She challenges him that he can’t win. Satya gets trapped and accepts the challenge. Susheel is trying hard to put colors on Satya. They have a tug of war. She tells him that she will apply him colors if he loses. He gets cheating and winks to Susheel to make her lose. Susheel loses the game. Satya wins the challenge by using his charm.

Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya:

Ratan wants to prove Diya’s innocence. Abhay keeps a condition in front of Diya and asks her to apologize. Ratan says if Diya has to apologize without any mistake, she should first do something worth it. Ratan asks Diya to give a tight slap to Abhay and end this chapter. He encourages Diya. Diya slaps Abhay. Arpita fumes in anger. Diya realizes Ratan is really good and doing much for her betterment. She starts falling in love with Ratan’s goodness. Ratan doesn’t let Diya apologize.

Neil and Avni have a hit and miss again. Neil takes the responsibility of Saisha’s birthday celebrations. Neil wins the children’s heart. Kids tell him that Nilanjana is ill. Neil goes to call her for cake cutting. Avni sees Neil and hides from him. She pushes the partition on him. Neil feels Nilanjana is weird. He wants to know more about her. He tries to meet her once, but she avoids him.


Harman messes the house in anger. He gets raging. Preeto tells Harman’s friends about Harman and Soumya’s bitter relation. Harman asks Preeto why did she defame him in between his friends. He gets divorce papers and hands over to Soumya. Preeto tries to explain him. Soumya tears the papers. She doesn’t want to give divorce to Harman. He continues to throw anger around.

Dil Se Dil Tak:

Teni faces an ugly moment when the women protesters attack her with disgrace. Shorvori takes a stand for Teni’s respect. The women want to throw out Teni from Bhanushali house and their so called clean society. They insult Teni and hurt her. Parth, Shorvori and entire family support Teni. Parth raises a hand on the protesting woman and asks her to stop it. Dada ji threatens of calling the police. The women get black color to stain Teni’s face. They want to punish Teni for ruining someone’s life. Shorvori asks them not to dare touch Teni.

Jiji Maa:
Falguni keeps Gangaur puja fast for Suyash’s long life. Suyash forgets to break her fast. Falguni continues the fast for two days. Someone reminds him about Falguni. Suyash then realizes that Falguni is waiting for him. She gets fainting. Suyash reaches her in time. He apologizes to her and breaks her fast.

Meera is going to get married to Sumer. The family celebrates a new relation forming. Meera enjoys her mehendi. Meera and Sumer have a dance in filmi style. Vivaan and others also join him. Sumer’s mum makes the shagun mehendi fall down. She wants to stop the marriage. Sumer’s mum calls the mehendi ceremony an outdated one. She tells them that they should keep some style, Meera will get designer mehendi by a stencil. She throws tantrums. She talks of her standards. Meera belongs to middle class family. She finds her mum worried and has an emotional moment with her. Meera doesn’t want her family to suffer. She comes up with an idea to counter Sumer’s family demands. Sumer is very happy and looks forward to welcome Meera in his life. The marriage will have twists.

Nimki Mukhiya:

Nimki learns Babbu’s truth. She gets disturbed. She couldn’t imagine that Babbu is not a good person. She meets Abhimanyu and his family. He gets angry on her that she didn’t attend panchayat when she was needed there. He asks her why did she send Babbu in her place, who is he to decide about panchayat. She says Babbu is my husband, why are you angry, I did what I felt right. He says Babbu is not any Mukhiya to take a decision.


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