Raina to confuse Raman with another version in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein


Ishita shows her belief in Raman. She asks him not to panic, as she is with him. She assures that nothing will go wrong. Raman feels Raina is dangerous for his family. He doesn’t want his family to have any trouble because of him. He tells her that he will get away from family if he is becoming a trouble for them. She asks him not to think such a thing. She asks him to stay positive and clear minded that he is innocent. Aaliya feels sorry for Shitija after hearing her conversation with Pihu. She buys a pair of shoes for Shitija to boost her morale. Mani and Shagun have cute moments. Shagun then gets busy in her NGO work. Aaliya informs Pihu that she has solved Shitija’s problem. She sends Pihu to surprise Shitija and cheer her up.

Raman and Ishita meet Raina. Raman gets scared on seeing Raina. Ishita asks him not to lose confidence. She meets Raina and asks her the reason for troubling Raman. Raina starts lying to her that Raman loves her like an obsessed man.

She complains about Raman’s cheap character. Ishita asks her to stop making stories. She confronts Raina. Raina gets lying further and puts entire blame on Raman. Raman tells Ishita that Raina has threatened him to kill her husband. Raina warns Raman against spoiling her married life. She asks him not to ruin her life. Simmi changes the game and wants Ishita to believe Raina. She tries to disturb Raman mentally. Raina refuses to know Raman. Raman gets confused when Raina fills another story in his mind.

Simmi tells Ishita that Raman has gone mad and this will keep happening with him till he lands in an asylum. Ishita understands Simmi’s plans and wants to explain Raman that he is not at fault. He doesn’t listen to her and leaves in a rush. Meanwhile, Bala refuses to take any gift from Aaliya and returns the shoes. Shitija gets upset with him. Raman tells Ishita that Raina changed her version and lied today. She calms him down. She expresses her trust and respect for him.

Raman loses belief in himself as he is forgetting things. She tells him that everyone forgets petty things, he shouldn’t give a chance to anyone to manipulate him. She understands him well and wants him to believe himself.

Ishita seeks help from children. She tells them about Raman’s increasing fear of losing his family and children. She asks them to support Raman and prove that they love him a lot like ever. They assure to pamper Raman with love and fill confidence in him. Simmi finds Ishita away from Raman. She executes her next plan against Raman. Bala feels bad that he is not able to manage his children’s expenses. Iyers explain him that Aaliya has right intentions. Parmeet gives his car to Bala and pities him. He angers Bala further by handing over some money. Bala feels sorry for himself. Iyers get angry on Parmeet for breaking Bala’s confidence. Parmeet enjoys irritating them. Parmeet and Simmi manipulate Raman to drive him crazy again. Raman fears to lose his family.


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