Durga’s pregnancy becomes an obstacle in Meri Durga


Bhagat learns Sanjay is living in the academy as the watchman. He tells Sanjay that its their rules. He knows Durga’s family is her strength. Durga requests Bhagat to let Sanjay do his job. Bhagat doesn’t want Durga to get distracted by Sanjay. He asks him to leave the academy. He asks Durga to take some rest. Durga insists on Sanjay working in academy. She fears for the family to turn homeless again. She asks Bhagat not to break her hopes. She tells Bhagat how Sanjay and his family suffered because of her. She promises she will continue the training as before. Bhagat understands her concern and retains Sanjay in the academy.

Durga undergoes a pregnancy test and learns she is pregnant. She gets tensed about the results. Lakshmi gets to know Durga’s pregnancy and congratulates her. She feels Durga will get removed from the list. She gets happy and goes to inform Tanvi.

Shilpa falls in trouble when some goons trick her. Shilpa gets kidnapped. Sheela worries for Shilpa. She informs Brij that Shilpa got kidnapped. Brij gets worried for her. Sanjay happens to see Shilpa. Gayatri and Sanjay find Shilpa in danger and save her in time. Sanjay beats the goons. Shilpa thanks Gayatri and feels ashamed to trouble her before. Bhagat trains the athletes. Durga gets concerned for her pregnancy. She doesn’t know whether to run in the race or not. Durga meets the family and reveals her pregnancy truth. She gets in dilemma whether she should run in nationals or not. What will Durga decide? Keep reading.


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