Dadi surprises all on the eve on Holi in Yeh Rishta…


Singhanias and Goenkas celebrate Holi. Dadi is very happy with Kartik and Naira’s bonding. Singhanias make Kirti’s first Holi happening. Naira wishes Naitik on Holi. Dadi refuses to have colors. She tells them that she didn’t play colors since years, she has allergy with colors. Naira tells Dadi that its organic colors. Devyaani says we have made the colors at home, it won’t stay on for long time. Dadi asks them to forgive her. Naira doesn’t force Dadi. Dadi then calls Naira and asks her to apply colors to her as decided before. Naira doesn’t want to go against Dadi’s wish. She just does tilak. Dadi asks Naira to smear more colors on her. Everyone gets surprised by Dadi’s behavior.

Dadi has drunk the spiked thandai. Dadi freely enjoys the Holi and wishes them Happy Holi. The family also play holi with Dadi. Naitik gets happy to have his children around. Suhana and her boyfriend Rahul come in the function. Suhana tries to influence Aryan.

She lies that she is getting married to someone, but against her will, as she loves Aryan. Aryan gets depressed. He tells Suhana that she will just marry him. He asks her to call her brother, he will talk and try to convince him. Suhana gives him tension. She tells him that she is very much scared of her brother. Aryan asks her not to give up on their love so soon. Kartik and Naira get to see Suhana. The police comes there to talk to Kartik about the baby’s matter. Suhana gets tensed on seeing the police. She thinks her old lover has found her and called the police. Rahul saves Suhana from the police. He colors her face completely and hides their identity in order to get saved.



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