Ishita survives to prove Raman’s innocence in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Raman asks the NGO women to stop the protest

Police reaches Ishita to take her statement. Adi tells inspector that they didn’t know about the culprit yet. Simmi feels Ishita won’t be alive to give statement. She tells Parmeet that Ishita has very less chances to survive, she is nearly dying. Parmeet too wishes this happens. Doctor informs them that Ishita is conscious and better now. He asks inspector to have some patience and meet Ishita after some hours. Simmi can’t believe Ishita’s fate. She wonders how Ishita survived. She doesn’t know if Ishita has seen her shooting her. She panics and asks Parmeet to save her from police. He tells her that he shouldn’t have done this, if Ishita names her, then they will be going jail. Simmi decides to run away. He asks her to go, and he will stay back to know about Ishita’s statement. Simmi rushes home to pack her bags.

The family prays for Ishita’s recovery. They stay concerned for her. Bhallas get another shock knowing Raman is missing. Adi asks Shagun if Raman is at the hospital. Shagun tells him that just she is with Ishita. Everyone worries for Raman.

Raman meets Mani and asks for Shagun. Mani doesn’t know about Shagun. He tells Raman that he just returned home. Raman tells Mani that he has to say something important. Mani finds him in tensed state. Adi tells the family that maybe Raman went to police station to surrender. Raman makes a request to Mani and asks him to admit him in mental asylum without telling his family, since his family has a threat because of him. Mani worries for him. He learns about Ishita. Raman tells Mani that he has shot Ishita. Mani asks him to sleep and he will take him out in the morning. Mani wonders what happened to Raman that his mental state turned so much weak. He feels pity for Raman’s worsening state.

The family meets Ishita. Inspector tries to take her statement about her shooter. She asks for Raman. Inspector asks her to help them in finding the culprit. She shocks them, saying she isn’t able to see anything. Doctor checks her and tells everyone that Ishita has lost her eyesight. They all worry for Ishita. Ishita cries out that she can’t see anything. Parmeet likes the good news and rushes to share it with Simmi. Inspector asks Ishita if she has seen who shot her. Ishita clears out Raman’s name from the matter. Doctor advises her to rest. He sends the family out. The family cries for Ishita. They all want to know who has shot Ishita.

The family feels miserable for Ishita. Parmeet informs Simmi that Ishita has lost her eyesight, and now she isn’t a threat to them. Simmi can’t believe it. Parmeet too doubts on Ishita, if she is doing any drama. Simmi and Parmeet feel Ishita will now live a troubled life, which she deserves. Simmi doesn’t want to end the revenge so soon. She is certain to ruin Raman. Ishita asks inspector not to arrest Raman, he is innocent. Inspector asks her the person who shot her. She tells him that she just knows that Raman didn’t shoot her, she is sure of this as his gun didn’t have any bullets, even Raman wasn’t aware of this. She is sure that someone else is using Raman’s disturbed mental state to frame him. She reveals that she had emptied the bullets from the gun to stop Raman from hurting anyone. She safeguards Raman. She asks inspector to find the culprit. Parmeet informs Simmi that Ishita had ruined her plans. Raman gets worried knowing Ishita has lost her eyesight.


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