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Naamkarann: Avni cries out her helplessness in front of Mitali. She tells Mitali how Vidyut made her life a hell. Neil tries to know more about Nilanjana. He asks Mogli to show Nilanjana’s picture. Neil feels Nilanjana has some motive to have a low profile. Mitali asks Avni how did he get so much courage to leave her family and life. She tells Avni how Neil punished Vidyut and then quit his police career. She tells how Neil has left everything and pretended to be happy in front of his family. She promises to help Avni. Avni tells Mitali that she is just doing this for Neil’s safety.

Meri Durga:

Durga reveals to her family that she is pregnant. She shares her dilemma about risking her baby’s life. The family receives a big shock. Bhagat waits for Durga in the academy. He learns she has left from the academy. He prepares other athletes for the race. Sanjay asks Durga to rush for the race. He tells her that its his baby too and this is his decision to first support her dreams. He asks Durga to realize that winning this national race is most important for her. Durga questions the family if she should go ahead by risking her life’s biggest happiness. The family doesn’t want Durga to go. They get upset for Durga’s dilemma. Sanjay asks them to encourage Durga to achieve her goals.


Dadi refuses to play Holi. She avoids colors. Everyone gets to see her fear of colors. Naira and Naksh wish Naitik and they together miss Akshara. Naitik asks them to think of their mum happily. Naitik celebrates the festive of colors with them. Baisa gets a wish to throw colors at Dadi. Dadi tells her that her wish won’t get fulfilled. Dadi is sure that no one can apply colors to her. Kartik applies colors to Manish, when Naira tricks him and runs. Kartik apologizes to Manish. Manish too smears him with colors. Naira teases Kartik. Aryan gets surprised when Suhana visits him. He hugs her and assures that he will marry her. He asks her not to marry anyone else. He tells her that he will talk to her brother if she allows him.


Oberois heartily celebrate Holi. They sing, dance and enjoy in their unique style. Tia tries to ask Veer about Robin and her son. Veer asks her to go to them. He apologizes to her and asks her to enjoy Holi with her family. He gives her some colors as well. Oberois finish the dance round and get into a secret revelation round. They all get high by the Bhaang and get revealing their big secrets. Everyone laughs and tries to control their laughter. Veer too joins them as a family member. Anika reveals how she has served Bhaang to Obros. Veer reveals that he has fed Bhaang to O’bahus. They realize everyone is intoxicated and can just blurt out anything they want.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

Police reaches Ishita to take her statement. Adi tells inspector that they didn’t know about the culprit yet. Simmi feels Ishita won’t be alive to give statement. She tells Parmeet that Ishita has very less chances to survive, she is nearly dying. Parmeet too wishes this happens. Doctor informs them that Ishita is conscious and better now. He asks inspector to have some patience and meet Ishita after some hours. Simmi can’t believe Ishita’s fate. She wonders how Ishita survived. She doesn’t know if Ishita has seen her shooting her. She panics and asks Parmeet to save her from police. He tells her that he shouldn’t have done this, if Ishita names her, then they will be going jail. Simmi decides to run away. He asks her to go, and he will stay back to know about Ishita’s statement. Simmi rushes home to pack her bags.


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