Neil to celebrate Saisha’s birthday in Naamkarann


Avni cries out her helplessness in front of Mitali. She tells Mitali how Vidyut made her life a hell. Neil tries to know more about Nilanjana. He asks Mogli to show Nilanjana’s picture. Neil feels Nilanjana has some motive to have a low profile. Mitali asks Avni how did he get so much courage to leave her family and life. She tells Avni how Neil punished Vidyut and then quit his police career. She tells how Neil has left everything and pretended to be happy in front of his family. She promises to help Avni. Avni tells Mitali that she is just doing this for Neil’s safety.

Mitali tells her that Neil is sufficient to save himself from enemies, but he can’t save himself from the sorrow which Avni gave him. Avni fears that if she enters Neil’s life again, Vidyut will follow them again. She doesn’t want Neil to fall in any trouble. She requests Mitali not to tell anything to Neil.

Neil and the kids plan the surprise party for Saisha’s 18th birthday. KK joins the party and cheers up Saisha. Saisha’s dream turns true. Everyone finds KK cheerful because of Saisha’s efforts. KK gets friendly with Saisha. Mitali thinks of Avni and Neil’s love story. She wishes bad for them. Neil understands Nilanjana is keeping her identity a secret in every possible way. He gets more keen to meet her once. Mitali finds Neil happy with the kids. Mitali decides to hide the matter from Neil. Saisha gets the surprise party. Neil tells Saisha that now she is 18 and she can take her decisions on her own. He congratulates her. Avni stays away from them and attends the birthday party.

Shweta surprises Neil and enjoys Saisha’s birthday. Neil and Saisha bond knowing of their relation. Saisha feels some connection with him. Avni wishes to go out and meet Shweta. She feels helpless to stay away from Neil and Shweta. She gets scared of her rushing emotions. She gets herself in control. Avni doesn’t want to fall weak. She doesn’t want anyone to fall in risk. Shweta tries to know who is Neil’s Jaan. Neil tells her that there is nothing as she is thinking, its just the place which is attracting him. Mitali decides to take Neil away from Avni.



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