Chakor succeeds to ruin Imli’s wicked plan in Udaan

Udaan: Imli feels victorious post Chakor's death

Gauri and Pakhi save their respect from Seth ji, who dies unexpectedly. Imli gets angry that her client died. Suraj tells him that he will bury Seth ji. He asks her if she commands him, he will kill Gauri and Pakhi too. Imli tells him that she wants to get rid of them, but in Ranvijay’s style. Ranvijay gives a gun to Suraj. Imli plays a new move and asks Suraj to shoot Pakhi and Gauri. Suraj gets helpless. He is trying to prove his loyalty to Imli. Gauri begs Imli to leave her. Suraj says Imli has commanded me to kill you, now you both have to die. He doesn’t understand how to end the drama.

Chakor tells Imli and Ranvijay that their dream will not turn true. Chakor reaches there with police and saves the girls. She blames Imli and Ranvijay for killing Seth ji.

Imli changes the story and tells inspector that Seth ji came to village for marriage. She says I have chosen Gauri to wed him, but Seth ji tried to misbehave with Gauri and Pakhi, the girls tried to save their respect and beaten him so much that he died. She clears her name from the crime. She doesn’t reveal her evil business of selling girls. Suraj was trying to save the girls since much time. He thanks Chakor for coming on time and helping him.

Suraj is unwilling obeying Imli. Imli asks him to burn Chakor’s election posters. Villagers spot Suraj burning the posters. They scold Suraj for his act. Suraj threatens to kill them. He asks Chagan to explain them. Chagan knows Suraj has regained his memory. He helps Suraj and sends away the villagers. Chakor gets upset seeing Suraj burning the posters. He explains her that he had to do this to fool Imli. Suraj cheers her by making a cartoon image of her. She runs after him to beat him. She asks do I look such bad. She is worried that Suraj is helplessly doing things that’s hurting his heart too. She wants things to get normal for them. Imli and Ranvijay come to the village. Chakor and Suraj hide from them. Imli spots Suraj and stops him. She gives him another task against Chakor.


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