Ahaan and Pankti to challenge JD in Tu Aashiqui


Ahaan falls in Vikram’s plan and consumes the spiked drink. He loses his senses and falls dizzy while driving. He meets with an accident. Pankti learns Ahaan is admitted in the hospital. She rushes to meet Ahaan. She hugs him. She tells him that everything will get fine. She pacifies him by becoming his strength. Reporters catch Ahaan and question him about the drugs. Ahaan faces the drugs charges. Vikram didn’t wish Pankti’s recording to go well. He didn’t know Ahaan will consume the drugs unknowingly. JD and Vikram are trying to ruin Pankti’s career. Ahaan and Pankti manage the media. Ahaan doesn’t let Pankti’s name dragged in the matter. He understands JD is trying to ruin Pankti’s success.

JD knows Ahaan is Pankti’s strength and wants to knock him off first. Pankti wants to become Ahaan’s shield. Ahaan challenges JD for a new game. He tells JD that the real game will begin now, as he has learnt some winning moves.

Ahaan asks JD why was he troubling Pankti. He asks JD is the wound hurting, Pankti did the right thing to crash his ego. He asks JD if he is fine and came to senses. He says we have learnt crossing limits from you, Pankti didn’t do anything wrong to injure you. He taunts JD for being a backstabber always. He asks JD not to trouble Pankti and him again, as Pankti has already shown him the trailer of the dire consequences. He alarms JD with a smile. JD gets angry on Ahaan.


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