Kanak to cleverly outdo Meera’s move in Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji


Meera tells Uma that she knows Kanak is his ex-wife. She surprises Uma with the decorations. She tells him that she knows his life’s biggest secret, that the government officer Kanak was his past. He asks him to celebrate the truth. Meera gets high on drinks. She gets more obsessed for Uma. She says Kanak was not between us, but still she was a wall between us. She wants to create hurdles in Kanak’s life. She says no prayers can help Kanak now, her bad times will start soon. Kanak also realizes Uma has hidden this truth from Meera. Meera invites Kanak for lunch. Kanak meets Uma and Meera. Kanak tells him that she will not lie to Meera.

Kanak sits on Meera’s chair at the dining table. Meera says you have taken my place, actually I sit here, beside Uma. Kanak apologizes and takes another seat. Uma doesn’t know why Meera invited Kanak. Uma asks staff why did they come suddenly. Meera says I called them, I will tell the purpose. She introduces her staff to Kanak and praises their qualities.

Meera wanted to insult Kanak. She asks Kanak to choose someone from her employees and marry. Kanak gets angry and makes a choice that shocks Meera. She chooses Uma for marriage. Meera asks her to stay in her limits. Kanak shows Meera her real place. Kanak says why can’t I choose Uma, he is rich, successful, confident and handsome. Meera says he is my husband. Kanak asks Meera can’t she get her married to Uma, Uma has every ideal quality of a groom. She says you have asked me my choice and I have cleared it to you, he is my ideal man, even though he is your husband.

Kanak and Meera have an argument regarding Uma’s qualities. Meera says Uma never breaks his promises and can go to any extent to keep his promises, he is the best. Kanak congratulates her. Meera then shows her true colors. Uma doesn’t want them to fight for him. He gets trapped between them. He remains silent. Kanak says I m not interested in marriage, I have no belief in love and relationships now. After Kanak leaves, Meera tells Uma that she can’t tolerate anyone in his life. Uma doesn’t want to hear anything against Kanak. He breaks his silence. Meera asks him if he still loves Kanak. He asks her to shut up and not say anything against Kanak. His words hurt Meera.


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