Namrata and Gauri to have a confrontation in Kaal Bhairav Rahasya


Gauri foils Latika’s plan by finding Thakur and Lakhan inside the ambulance. She takes help from the police and saves them. Latika informs Namrata that she has failed to shift Thakur and Lakhan because of Gauri. Namrata gets worried that Gauri may expose her in front of Rahul and villagers. Gauri calls up Rahul to tell him about Namrata. Namrata cheats Gauri again. Gauri scolds Namrata for breaking their trust. Namrata tells Gauri that she loves Rahul, if he loves someone else, then she will kill him. She asks Gauri not to act smart and not try to expose her, else she will kill Rahul. She threatens Gauri about Rahul’s life.

She asks Gauri not to reveal anything against her. Thakur goes in search of the shivlings. He takes Gauri’s help and hides with Lakhan at a safe shelter. Thakur tells Gauri that they are innocent, they are not the culprits. Gauri tells him that she is aware of the truth. Thakur avoids the police, as no one will belief him. He tells her about Namrata’s motives, she wants to run away from the village.

He asks her to help him find shivlings and place them safely in the temple. He doesn’t want to spare Namrata. He tells her that he deeply regrets that Namrata is his daughter. He thanks Gauri for saving his life. Gauri tells him that she spoke to Namrata, and wants to make her truth reach Rahul. Namrata keeps a gun to shoot Rahul if she falls in any trouble. Namrata starts provoking him against Gauri. Gauri feels bad that Namrata didn’t even spare her brother Aditya’s life. She worries for Rahul’s life. She knows Namrata is crazy and can do anything. Rahul comes across the Adhori, who hides a shivling. Namrata gets happy on finding the shivling. Namrata fools Rahul to run away with the shivling.


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