Pragya to disclose Simonika’s evil truth in Kumkum Bhagya


Simonika and Sangram had joined hands to take revenge from Abhi and Purab. She tells Sangram about her plan to lock the house so that none can leave to save their lives. She wants to make sure that Abhi dies in the bomb blast. Sangram tries to kidnap Disha and flee. Simonika gets hurt seeing the happiness on Abhi’s face. Pragya and Purab get suspicious about Simonika. Purab reveals to Disha about Pragya going after Simonika to confront her. They try to help Pragya, while hiding the tension from Abhi.

Simonika speaks out her real intentions and revenge motives in front of Pragya. She tells Pragya that Abhi has killed her husband and now she wants to fulfill revenge to get justice for her husband’s murder. She wants her husband to get soul peace. She threatens to kill Abhi and Pragya. She asks Pragya not to utter a word. She gets crazy to exact her revenge. Pragya takes a big step against Simonika’s evil plotting. She drags Simonika in the party and reveals to Abhi that Simonika is their hidden enemy, who tried to kill Abhi. Abhi can’t believe it. Simonika denies the blames. Pragya gives her a tight slap and exposes her crimes.


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