Shorvori turns upset with Parth’s feelings in Dil Se Dil Tak


Shorvori asks Teni to live with them by the right of a friend. She reminds Teni that she has stayed with Bhanushali family when she was a surrogate. Teni loves the family a lot. She can’t see their upset faces. Shorvori asks Teni not to care about anyone and stay back. Teni feels it will be difficult to live with Parth and Shorvori, after changing their relations. She agrees to stay with them. Dada ji feels proud of Teni’s decision and hugs her. Teni settles back in the house. Kaki provokes Shorvori against Teni. She asks Shorvori not to be blind and just let Teni leave.

She asks what did Teni lose by leaving her rights, she has won the family’s heart by her cleverness, she got the sympathy and also secured her place in this house by becoming a sacrificing idol.

She says Teni got applauded by the family, they all have a soft corner for her, Teni is acting helpless so spoil your life. Shorvori gets upset. She doesn’t want anything to affect her decision. Later, Shorvori gets hurt by a glass piece. Parth cares for her wound and calls her Teni, which turns her sad. She understands his feelings for Teni. Parth finds it hard to adjust his life. Parth and Shorvori think of the sacrifices Teni made for them. Parth thinks of Teni when Shorvori is in front of him. Teni is happy to get Parth’s love and Bhanushali’s support. She just wants to be Parth’s friend from now on.


  1. I hate dis….does dis means he completely fallen fr teni…and doesn’t love shorvari nw…I could hv agreed to this fact…iff parth did not search fr shorvari desperately forgetting his newly wedded wife….I hate the writer they did not give a much time to parth to get over from shorvari…in a single day he was so much in love wd shorvari after knowing dat she is really dead consummated his Marriage wd teni… acleast u should hv given a year gap…den it would hv suitable wd current situation……like shorvari is his past teni is his present…I would hv completely agreed dis….but I m completely disappointed…who else agree wd me. Plz reply


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