High Five Spoilers


Laado 2: Malhari and her sons takes things in their control by killing Yuvraaj. Malhari got against Yuvraaj as he wanted to send her sons to jail. She was angered as Balwant named all the property to Yuvraaj. She kills him to knock him off their way. She feels she has done the right thing. Rantej stabs Yuvraaj and leaves him in an injured state. He throws Yuvraaj in the jungle. Anushka faces the villagers’ wrath. She runs to save her life. She gets much injured. She finds Yuvraaj in a fatal situation. He falls in such a problem because of Anushka. He regrets that he couldn’t secure Anushka’s future.

Aapke Aa Jane Se:
Vedika has saved Sahil’s life from Gautam. Sahil’s family has seen how Vedika bravely saved his life. They were so afraid to lose him. Vedika has realized her feelings for Sahil after seeing him in a fatal situation. She didn’t wish to lose Sahil. She has realized Sahil’s importance in her life. Sahil proposes Vedika for marriage. Vedika accepts his marriage proposal. She decides to get married the next day itself. Sahil gets happy with her decision. The family happily accepts Vedika. Badi Amma still stands against Vedika. Sahil and Vedika reach the temple to get married. They get support from their families. Everyone appears happy and congratulates them. Sahil and Vedika get married. They will be facing more problems post their marriage.

Piyaa Albela:
Naren met with an accident while saving Harish. The family regrets that Praveen lost his life in that accident. Doctor tells the family that Naren has less time, just a miracle can save his life, Naren needs a heart transplant in few hours, else they can’t save his life. Bela agrees to donate Praveen’s heart to Naren. Naren gets the transplant done. Doctor informs Pooja that Naren’s condition is stable now, the transplant was successful.

Kumkum Bhagya:
Simonika kidnaps Pragya. She loses in her plan to take revenge from Abhi. She blames Abhi for killing her husband. She feels if Abhi can kill someone, he should be ready to die. She wants justice for her husband’s murder. Abhi fails to prove his innocence. Pragya and Abhi deal with Simonika’s madness. Simonika threatens to kill Pragya if Abhi takes any step against her.


Neil and Avni have an emotional talk. Neil has been living with Avni’s memories. He shows her mangalsutra, which he has been wearing around his wrist since ten years. He tells her that he has always risked his life, just to get a glimpse of her. Avni apologizes to Neil. He asks her did she never had any sympathy for him, didn’t she think of returning to him once, didn’t she care for his pain. Avni accepts her mistake. Neil tells her how he has tried to keep himself happy with her memories. She feels bad.

Kundali Bhagya:
Prithvi spreads more filth about Karan and Preeta. When Karan and Preeta return home, Prithvi questions them about their stay away from the family. Karan tells Prithvi about his intimacy with Preeta. He asks Preeta to tell Prithvi and everyone about their romance, closeness and moments of love. Preeta gets a huge shock. Karan tells them how Preeta and he shared their love. Karan pulls her leg to settle scores for her ghostly drama. Preeta understands his plan and worries for the family’s reaction. Prithvi gets angry and finds Karan shameless to accept everything himself. Rishabh questions Karan over his words. Karan then reveals that Preeta and he can never have any relation like love.

Woh Apna Sa:

Binny surprises everyone and reveals that she wants to marry Akash. Arjun and Jia also decide to get married. Arjun arranges two mandaps. Arjun and Akash get ready as the grooms. Binny faints in the mandap. Everyone rushes her to the room. Nisha asks Binny to take rest, as she can’t take wedding rounds in such a weak state. Arjun also postpones his marriage. He tells them that both the marriages will happen together. Arjun and Jia doubt if Nisha has done some plotting against Binny and them.

Dil Se Dil Tak:
The family celebrates Parth and Shorvori’s wedding. The family surprises them with the decorations. Parth and Shorvori cut the cake and celebrate happily. Teni gets jealous seeing them. She doesn’t show her sorrow to anyone. Parth promises Shorvori that he will always support her. Shorvori promises to be with him in happiness and sorrow. They both make love vows. The family finds Teni upset. Teni then acts happy and claps for them. She is trying to distance herself from Parth. She feels lonely and depressed.


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