Namrata to influence Rahul’s mind in Kaal Bhairav Rahasya


Namrata wears the enchanting chain and casts a spell on Rahul to control his senses. When Gauri exposes Rahul, Namrata controls him by the Aghori’s mantras. She commands him to kill Gauri. Gauri explains Rahul that Namrata is the Master ji whom they were finding. She asks him to believe her. Rahul gets hypnotized. He gets attacking Gauri to kill her. Latika helps Gauri in time and saves her from Rahul’s attacks. She finds Namrata getting mad. She asks Rahul to stop. Latika gets into a fight with Rahul. Rahul gets mad to kill Gauri. He tries hard to stab Gauri. Latika breaks the chain from Namrata’s chain to free Rahul from the spell. Rahul comes back to senses and wonders what was he doing with Gauri. Gauri’s life gets saved in the nick of time.

Latika asks Gauri to run away before Namrata controls Rahul again. Latika and Gauri run away. Namrata tries to fool Rahul by a fake story of their love. She controls his mind once again. Rahul falls under her influence. Yashpal reaches the hotel to find Thakur. He misses to catch Thakur and Lakhan, who flee on time.

Gauri meets Thakur and Lakhan and gets Latika along. Namrata fools Aghori. She tells him that she wants to control Rahul so that he doesn’t run away with the shivling. She wants to get away with the shivling. Gauri asks Thakur and Lakhan to trust Latika, who has saved her life from Rahul, while he was hypnotized by Namrata. She tells them that Namrata wanted to kill Latika too. Lakhan feels they can’t trust Latika, who had kept them captive till now. Gauri reveals to them how Namrata is controlling Rahul’s mind. Latika apologizes to Thakur. She tells him that she has changed and wants to help them find the shivlings. She wants revenge from Namrata and get her punished.

Thakur tells Latika that he believes her. He says even if Namrata has sent Latika to them, they will be alert of their planning. Seth ji calls up Namrata and asks her to find all the shivlings. He threatens her that he will kill Rahul. He tells her that Rudra will be accompanying her in her search of shivlings from now on. She agrees to have Rudra on board. There comes a twist as Rudra who meets Namrata is not the one sent by Seth ji. Who is the new mysterious person finding the Shivlings? Keep reading.


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