Suhana to instigate Aryan further in Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai


Aryan informs Suhana that his family is not understanding his love. Suhana suggests him to get annoyed with the family and do something to threaten them that can help them get accepted. She asks him to play some drama to convince the family. Aryan likes her idea. Suhana feels he is very foolish. She thinks she is lucky to find a stupid guy like Aryan to trap in her love. Kartik and Naira try to talk to Aryan. Aryan doesn’t see them and rushes off.

Naira feels they have to deal with Aryan well, as love is a sensitive issue. Naira doesn’t reveal the problem to Kartik. She decides to meet the doctor first and know about the conceiving issues herself. Doctor explains Naira that she is facing such stress because of some factors. She asks her not to think about complications and have hope of conceiving. She tells her that she still has five percent chances to conceive. Naira gets happy and has much belief in Lord. She gets ready to fight with problems.

Naira thinks of confiding the matter with Kartik. Aryan throws his anger out and scares Suwarna by a suicide drama. Suwarna runs to seek help from the family. Kartik and Naira try to stop Aryan. Aryan just acts to scare them so that they agree for his marriage with Suhana. Kartik runs upstairs to save Aryan. Suwarna begs Aryan to come down. Aryan asks her to promise of agreeing to his wish. Manish and Akhilesh also try to reach Aryan. Kartik reaches the terrace by the poles. Aryan threatens of jumping down. Kartik reaches Aryan when the latter slips from the terrace. Kartik miraculously saves Aryan in the nick of time. The family worries for Aryan’s madness. Kartik vents out his anger on Aryan for his stupid move. He slaps Aryan angrily and gets emotional by the thought of losing him. Everyone gets disappointed with Aryan. Meanwhile, Naksh asks Kirti to prepare for Gangaur celebrations. Kirti starts taking care of herself by following the doctor’s advice.


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