Imli to flee post a deceptive death in Udaan


Imli uses Chakor as a shield to safeguard herself. Imli goes to shoot Chakor. She has already killed Ranvijay. She tells Chakor that she will not leave her today. Chakor asks Imli not to burn herself by her own evil. Imli recollects the past and blames Chakor for all her failures. She expresses her jealousy for Chakor. She says its not justice that you got everything which I loved. She blames Chakor for snatching Suraj and Vivaan from her. Chakor gets to hear Imli’s misunderstandings about her. Suraj reaches Chakor to save her. Suraj tells Imli that he had regained memory long time back and he has been playing a game with her to ruin her. He tells her that he is not her bandhua now.

He asks Imli is she shocked, he remembers everything about his identity and relation with his wife Chakor. He asks her to realize her evil crimes. He reveals that Chakor is bearing their child in her womb and he won’t let anyone harm her. Imli gets a big shock and shouts on Suraj for cheating her.

She tells him that she will kill him as well. She wants to punish him for the deceive. He scolds Imli for cheating everyone. He tells her that she has cheated herself too by killing her inner-self. He asks her to see what he does with her. Chakor explains Suraj not to take law in his hand. Imli flees in her car to save her life. Suraj tells Imli that none can save her today. Villagers tries to catch Imli. Imli sees her end close. She drives away from everyone. She meets with an accident. Her car bursts. Everyone learns about Imli’s death. Imli jumps down her car and saves her life. She goes away from Aazaadgunj to return for revenge later.

Suraj and Chakor get blessed with a baby girl. Post leap, Suraj and Chakor will be seen in a new avatar. Suraj manages the business and works for the village’s betterment. Chakor becomes the marathon runner again. She plays with the kids. Suraj and Chakor’s romance moments will be seen. Suraj and Chakor will be working together to change people’s thinking and end the slavery. Their relations have much sweetness. They are very happy in their small world of joy. Suraj asks Chakor to train the kids, but not forget to get love lessons from him. The kids laugh seeing them. Suraj and Chakor have broken the bonds of slavery and is living life on their own terms. Their past will return to haunt them.


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