Ishqbaaz: Shivay to plot groom-swapping to fail Nafratbaaz trio

Ishqbaaz: Omkara-Rudra to humiliate Shivay

There comes a big twist in the show, where Shivay manages to fail Veer, Soumya and Shwetlana by his smart move by groom-swapping. Anika didn’t know Shivay was alerted by seeing her message in the mehendi design. Shivay acts timely and defeats Veer by planning the groom swapping by ploying a power outage. Omkara and Shivay start mocking Shwetlana, when she rejoices her victory. They seem to get unaffected by her words. They then reveal their planning to Shwetlana. Shwetlana calls Shivay a zero instead hero. Soumya tells the family that Anika has helped her in her plans to marry Rudra. The family gets angered knowing about Anika. Soumya tells them that Anika has betrayed Obros and helped her reach the mandap by swapping the brides. Soumya plans to ruin the Oberois.

Shivay tells Shwetlana that her plan will be ruined, as there is a shocker for her too. The family doesn’t know what is Shivay talk about. Omkara and Shivay start laughing on Shwetlana and Soumya’s super plan. Shwetlana thinks they have gone mad. Shivay tells them that the marriage can’t be undone now and nothing can go wrong with them.

Soumya gets puzzled to know what does Shivay means to say. Shivay and Omkara dance on dhol and celebrate Rudra and Bhavya’s marriage completion. They ask Anika and Gauri not to cry and dance with them. They seem like slipping in trauma. Shwetlana laughs on their madness. Tej asks Shivay and Omkara to stop their foolishness. Shivay asks Shwetlana to have a look at the groom. Shivay takes Soumya to show her whom she got married to. Shivay will be removing the groom’s Sehra and revealing the groom to Shwetlana. Shivay will prove that Oberois can never be defeated. Shwetlana will be super shocked seeing the groom. They find an ugly guy in Rudra’s place.

Shivay reveals that the marriage was fake and didn’t ruin Soumya’s life by planning such. He tells them that he has paid the actor to play Rudra’s role. The Oberois family happy seeing Rudra getting his bride in the palanquin.

Rudra and Bhavya meet them as husband and wife. Soumya’s plan fails miserably. Anika gets happy that she didn’t become a medium of ruining their lives. She apologizes to them. She tells Bhavya that she had to kidnap her to save Shivay’s life. The family congratulates Rudra and Bhavya. They prove the Nafratbaaz Kapoor sisters can never win over the Ishqbaaz Oberoi brothers. Shwetlana gets enraged seeing the Oberois celebrating. Oberois ask Shwetlana to forget their enmity and have sweets. Soumya loses to become Rudra’s wife. She can’t accept their defeat. She doesn’t know how their perfect plan failed. Shivay tells them how Anika has alerted him by conveying the message through her mehendi design. Shivay tells them that he has failed them by the same plan. Shivay wants to get Shwetlana arrested. Shwetlana troubles the Oberois by planning bombs to blast the Oberoi mansion. Shwetlana wants to exact her revenge by killing the Oberoi family.


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