Udaan: Sukor’s new struggle for women empowerment


Chakor wants to fight to eradicate mental slavery. The people didn’t change their thinking when even Chakor and Suraj got freedom for them. Suraj wants Chagan and all the men’s thinking to change, so that girls can get empowered. Gauri shows her artistic talents to Chakor. Chakor praises her talents and tells her that every girl should learn embroidery from her. She wants the girls to get work and also earn. Chagan stops Gauri from doing any work. He wants Gauri to do a wife and bahu’s duties first.

He tells Chakor not to give so much courage to girls that they avoid their household duties to make their career. Chagan gets angry on Gauri. He throws her artistic work pieces. He takes her home. Chakor feels the people are still living like before, wives are bounded by husbands. She wants all the girls to have freedom of choice and pursue career by their own wish. Chakor and Suraj want to make villagers get rid of old school thoughts. They want people to break bounds of mental slavery. Suraj and Chakor decide to work for women empowerment in true sense, by making the families support them.


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