Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Dadi regrets to hurt Naira’s sentiments


Kartik apologizes to Dadi and everyone on Naira’s behalf. He supports Naira like always. He tells the family that he wants Naira to be strong. He requests Dadi to support Naira. Naira sheds tears and deals with her pain. Dadi goes to talk to her. She understands Naira’s sorrow. She supports Naira and Kartik. She hugs Naira and apologizes to her. Dadi doesn’t want Naira to feel lonely in such times. She tells Naira that she was equally hurt knowing this. She doesn’t want Naira to get any stress because of her. Naira tells Dadi that there are still chances of her conceiving.

Dadi says its tough to forget whatever I said, but I m not asking you to forgive me, I did a mistake and you can punish me. She clarifies her stand. Naira tells Dadi that she has much anger on her, but has love for her as well. Dadi asks Naira to vent out anger on her. Naira ends her annoyance and hugs Dadi.

Kartik too ends his anger and hugs Dadi. Dadi tells them that she loves them a lot. Kartik and Naira apologize to Naitik for not sharing the matter before. Naira agrees for getting an operation done so that she can sort the pregnancy issues. Naitik knows Naira’s phobia of medical processes. He asks Naira if she is sure of her decision. He understands that if Naira is approving the operation, she is really keen to have a child. He worries for her safety. Naira tells him that she needs courage from him. He asks him not to tell Kartik and family about her phobia and decision.


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