Ishqbaaz’s new twist: Shwetlana challenges Shivika to defeat fate

Ishqbaaz spoilers

Shivay insults Shwetlana and tells her how he secretly got Rudra and Bhavya married. He fails Shwetlana’s plans. Anika also insults Shwetlana. She reveals to them that she is real Anika, who has done the death drama to know their enemies. Veer tells them that Anika was dead, then how could this happen. Shivay reveals that it was his smart plan to counter the enemies’ planning by being a step ahead of them. He tells how Anika has helped them in knowing the enemy’s plotting. Veer gets a huge shock knowing Anika cheated him. Shivay demands Shwetlana to tell him about their undisclosed enemy. He threatens to send her to jail. Shwetlana doesn’t deter. She tells Shivay that she didn’t learn to accept defeat just like him. She then uncovers the bombs placed in Oberoi mansion so that she can kill them to fulfill her revenge.

The family receives a big shock. Veer gets happy with Shwetlana’s plan. Tia begs Shwetlana not to become a murderer by doing wrong. Shwetlana and Soumya get keen to take revenge from Oberois. The guests start running out to save their lives. Shwetlana spreads terror by her dangerous plan. Shwetlana sends Soumya and Tia out safely. She wants to teach a lesson to the Oberois. She gets the remote to activate the bombs.

Shwetlana activates the bomb and asks the Oberois to meet their death. Veer and Roop make an escape to save themselves. Roop gets glad when Shwetlana blasts the Oberoi mansion. Shwetlana and Soumya get happy that they have settled scores with their enemies. They think Oberois are finally dead and their revenge got fulfilled. Shivay calls the police there to get the evil minded gang arrested. Shwetlana gets content that she has at least killed her enemies. She receives a big shock on finding the Oberois safe. Shivay gets his family out in the nick of time. Veer wonders how Shivay saves his family always. Roop asks him to leave from Shivay’s reach for few days. She joins the family again so that she can keep him informed.

Shivay tells Shwetlana that he was also prepared to counter her evil. He explains how he has ensured his family safety. Shivay acts like a shield for the family again. Shwetlana and Soumya get arrested by the police. Tia apologizes to Shivay for her sisters’ evil act. She gets ready to testify against them. She asks Shivay to save Robin and her child from her sisters. She explains how helpless she was. Shivay assures Tia that her family will be safe. He helps Tia. The family once again mocks Shwetlana. Shwetlana still threatens them and tells Shivay that she will come back to exact her revenge. She asks Shivay to defeat the fate if he can. She tells him to get ready to face the dire consequences of Kalyani mills fire incident truth. She curses Shivay and his family. She tells Shivay and Anika that their love will soon turn into hatred when the mills secret comes out. Tia tries to keep Shivika away from the secret. Shwetlana warns Shivika about the forth comings. Veer tries to know the mills secret to break Shivika. Can Shivika’s love stand against all odds? Keep reading.


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