Neil and Avni prepare for Saisha’s Roka in Naamkarann

heartbreaking Neil Avni

Shweta attempts to burn Avni’s memories. She feels Avni has broken their trust and doesn’t deserve a place in their lives now. She unties the mangalsutra from Neil’s wrist and puts it to burn. Neil who was expressing hatred for Avni till now, stops Shweta from burning Avni’s memories. He takes the mangalsutra back. Shweta feels Avni doesn’t have any humanity in her, she is a cheat who didn’t care for them. Neil can’t hear anything against Avni. Shweta cries for his pain. He tells Shweta that Avni is not any cheat, she is still loyal to them. She tells him that she wanted to explain the same to him, and did this drama to make him understand. She asks him not to stop them from missing Avni. She waits for Avni to come back. She dreams of Neil and Avni’s union.

Avni meets KK and Saisha to know if they are serious about each other. KK tells Avni what Kamini wants, her motive to get them engaged is just to handle the media. He says I just love Saisha and promise to make her career as well. Avni doesn’t agree with this. She wants Saisha to be independent. She explains that Saisha is too young to get married. Avni doesn’t feel their reasons valid that she could convince her.

KK and Saisha call up Neil and ask him to convince Avni. Neil also asks Saisha to focus on her career. KK asks him to at least help love. Neil gets convinced to meet Avni and talk about KK and Saisha. Avni misses Neil and cries for him. She doesn’t know Neil is on the way to meet her. KK sings a romantic song for Saisha. He attempts to convince Avni for accepting their relation. He promises to always keep Saisha happy. Avni doesn’t listen to them. Neil meets Avni and asks her to accept Saisha’s love for KK. Avni isn’t sure that KK can take up Saisha’s responsibility. Saisha gets depressed by Avni’s refusal again. She risks her life. KK rushes to save her life.

Neil tells Avni that KK has risked his life for Saisha, its true love, as KK never risks his life for movie stunts, he is a coward at heart, but Saisha’s love gave him strength. He asks Avni to give strength to KK and Saisha by her constant support. He expresses his wish to see KK and Saisha together. Avni then accepts KK and Saisha’s relation. KK promises to always be dutiful towards Saisha. Avni tells KK that she would keep their marriage after some years, when Saisha is ready for marriage. KK agrees with her decision. Saisha thanks Avni. Kamini gets the good news and invites Avni for Saisha’s Roka. Kamini asks Saisha about her dad. Saisha feels bad to lie to her. Avni asks Kamini not to invite media in the Roka ceremony. Kamini wanted to show off KK and Saisha’s Roka to the media to calm the rumors. She promises Avni to keep the ceremony a private affair. Saisha gets excited for her Roka. Avni invites Neil in the Roka. Neil agrees to come for Mishti’s sake. He expresses his annoyance towards Avni once again. He sticks to his decision that he can never forgive Avni for her big cheat.


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