Ishqbaaz: Shivika to lay a new trap for Veer


Anika and Shivay have a sweet moment. They get together after a long time. Anika gets upset when he doesn’t listen to her. He stops her when she gets leaving angrily. He tells her that he is worried to find out Veer, who has disappeared after the blast incident. He knows Veer will strike back and try to ruin their happiness. He doesn’t want his family to suffer more. He assures her that nothing can separate them. Anika gets back to her avatar. He knows how to convince her. Roop keeps a watch on them. She interrupts them and tries to know their planning.

Shivay makes a plan to expose Veer. He wants Veer to come out in open and face them. Anika and Shivay meet the media and reveal the evidence against Veer. They prove Veer’s master plans against their family. Shivay asks the police to find out Veer and arrest him.

Roop worries and goes to inform Veer about Shivay’s plan. The family then enjoys Bhavya’s first rasoi. Shivay likes the food prepared by Bhavya. He gives her nek shagun. Anika and everyone praise the sweets and bless Bhavya. Roop is stressed about Veer. Roop tries to protect Veer from Oberois. Her behavior gets observed by Shivay. Roop wants to bring a storm in Shivay and Anika’s lives by bringing the mills secret out. She knows once Shivay loses Anika, he will lose all his strength.



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