Tu Aashiqui: Anita to join hands with JD again


JD pressurizes Ahaan and Pankti to get separated, else he will not spare them. Pankti expresses her feelings to Ahaan. Ahaan and Pankti share each other’s sorrow. Ahaan tells Pankti that everyone loves her and can do anything to protect her from JD. He asks her not to worry about JD again, as every man isn’t like JD. He tries to calm her fears which JD tried to fill in her mind. Anita has joined hands with JD again. Anita asks them to stay away, as nothing is sure about their relation. Ahaan doesn’t like Anita’s advice. Anita sends Ahaan home.

Anita has lied to them about marriage and won Pankti’s trust. She changes her thinking again. She tells Pankti that she will manage everything now. She sells Pankti to JD again. JD gifts her a gold bangle. Pankti sees the gold bangle and questions Anita about it.

Anita tells Pankti that she is just controlling Ahaan and her romance since they aren’t married, but gradually everything will get fine, life will come back on track. She traps Pankti in her emotional speech. Poorva gets happy for Pankti. She says marriage is a big decision of life, I m very happy for you. She plans Pankti and Ahaan’s marriage. Anita asks Pankti to get ready for meeting Ahaan, as they have to go to talk to Manav and Aparna about their marriage. Pankti happily looks forward to meet Ahaan. She gets ready to leave with Anita. Anita fools Pankti and locks her up inside the house. Pankti begs her to open the door.


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