Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Shagun determines to protect Ishita


Adi gets impressed with Roshni, the way she is leading her life in London. He tells Aaliya that Roshni has turned too bold and daring to live alone and work hard to succeed. Aaliya asks him if he knew about Roshni before. He tells her that he had just got in touch with Roshni. Aaliya also agrees with him when he tells her that its important to make an own identity in life. Ishita gets chained by the spirit. She gets terrified seeing the spirit around. She panics and screams to seek Raman’s help. Raman and Shagun run to help Ishita. They try to pacify Ishita, who gets too troubled by Sonakshi’s spirit. Shagun gets worrying for Ishita. Raman promises to Ishita that none can harm her till he is with her. He assures that nothing will happen to her.

Shagun decides to find the matter. Mihika contacts Shagun and asks about Ishita. Mihika tells her about Bhavna’s prediction about Ishita. Shagun gets worrying when Mihika reveals about the evil spirit chasing Ishita. Mihika shares her worries and tells Shagun to look after Ishita well.

Shagun then tells Mihika that Ishita is really being followed by a strange woman, who is already dead. Mihika gets more alarmed and tells Shagun what Bhavna suggested to protect Ishita. She asks Shagun to take Ishita to any church. Adi gets worried when Romi goes missing. He goes to take help from Roshni. Roshni asks him not to worry, as she is with him. Adi thanks her for all the support. Raman stays around Ishita all the time. He sings a lovely song to uplift her mood. He also apologizes for hurting her sentiments by not believing her. She apologizes to him as she has ruined his happiness by inviting troubles. She feels sorry that she couldn’t give him happiness which he deserves. He tells her that they compliment each other and are just incomplete alone. Raman succeeds to make Ishita smile. Shagun tries to take Ishita to some church, so that she can get rid of the spirit, while Ishita refuses to go.



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