Shakti: Harman to marry Jasleen


Soumya is trying hard to convince Harman and awaken his feelings. Jasleen and Shanno add sleeping pill in water to make Harman asleep. They don’t want Harman to see Soumya’s efforts. Preeto fails Jasleen’s plans. Nani is glad that Preeto is supporting Soumya. Jasleen doesn’t want Harman and Soumya to unite. She feels Harman is unhappy to live his life with a kinner. Jasleen has no idea about Harman’s intense love.

Harman announces that he will marry Jasleen. Soumya asks him to do anything if she fails to make him realize their love. Harman explains Jasleen that he will get rid of Soumya once he fails her in the task. Soumya and Harman spend the day’s time. Harman doesn’t realize Soumya’s love and asks her to now leave from his life. Raavi asks Jasleen to marry Harman. Jasleen doesn’t agree. Harak and Raavi try their best to convince Jasleen, as she is Harman’s best friend. Jasleen too agrees to marry Harman, believing friendship is much important in a marriage. Everyone supports Jasleen, except Preeto.

Harman lifts Soumya and takes her downstairs. She gets happy and dreams that everything will get fine between them. Harman puts down Soumya and asks her not to come to him with sobbing love story again. Harman proposes Jasleen for marriage in front of Soumya. Harman breaks Soumya’s heart by declaring his decision. She fails in all her efforts. She didn’t know Harman will not forgive her for her one mistake. Soumya sheds tears. Jasleen and Harman both care for each other. Jasleen wants the best for Harman. Preeto asks Soumya not to give up. She says you can’t tolerate Harman marrying someone else, you will break down if this happens, do something to stop this. What will Soumya do to change Harman’s decision? Keep reading.


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