Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Families to lend moral support to Naira

Kabeer disgusting act YRKKH

Naira gets a nightmare and gets worried thinking about her surgery. She hides her fears from Kartik. He asks her to sleep well and wake up early. Kartik supports her. She gets scared thinking of the operation. Naksh and Kirti have a sweet moment. He asks her to promise that she will always talk out if there is any matter bothering her. Dadi performs rituals so that Naira’s surgery goes on well. Naira and Kartik leave for the hospital on auspicious time. Naitik and Naksh decide to go to the hospital and support Naira. The family members also feel the need to be at Naira’s side. They all want to give her moral support. Kartik asks Naira not to feel scared of anything, as he will be there with her.

Naitik meets Naira and asks her is she sure about her decision. She asks him not to weaken her. Naira goes inside the OT. Kartik feels restless and tensed. Goenkas also land there to become Naira’s moral support. Nurse asks Kartik to come inside the OT if he wants.

Naira knows he also has a phobia regarding medical instruments and procedures. Kartik tells her that he will come with her, so that he becomes her strength. Naira asks him to stay outside. He doesn’t listen to her. Naira controls her fears. Kartik gets frightened seeing the operation tools. Kartik starts disturbing the doctor. Doctor asks both of them not to panic as the surgery is nothing major. Kartik faints down before Naira’s surgery begins. The nurse gets Kartik out on stretcher. The family gets worried seeing Kartik unconscious. They wonder what happened to Kartik.

Naira runs out of the OT being concerned for Kartik. Kartik gets conscious and tells them that he was scared in OT. Naira doesn’t tell them that she is scared too. She goes for the surgery. Kartik wishes her all the best. Naira undergoes the surgery. Elsewhere, Devyaani realizes Kirti’s move to dump the kada in the flower pot. She gets too upset with Kirti and confronts her about it. The family prays for Naira.


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