Ishqbaaz: Roop to incriminate the Oberois


Veer learns that Anika’s dad was the foreman of Kalyani mills. He gets to know the complete truth of the fire incident. He likes the fact that his mum played the wicked person in the story. Roop has been behind all the murders and fire set up in the mills. Roop and Veer conspire to leak the mills secret to break Shivika first, so that the family loses out without their strength. Shivay also comes up with a plan to counter Veer. Anika lies to the media about an important evidence against Veer and declares his crimes. Veer falls in their trap to collect the evidence from them. Roop informs Veer about Shivay and Anika’s planning.

Veer thinks of erasing the proof before anyone could know. Shivay calls police to catch Veer red-handed during the crime. Veer threatens and tries to harm Anika. Shivay then comes to Anika’s rescue. Anika and Shivay catch Veer when he makes his crime confession and get him arrested. Shivay realizes the bitter truth that Anika is actually Harshvardhan’s daughter.

Anika also learns that her father was the mill’s supervisor who was titled to be involved in the fire incident. Anika doesn’t know the truth and has a belief that her dad can’t do such a thing. Shivay also shows belief in Anika. Roop gets hell bent to take revenge from Shivika, after they plot Veer’s arrest. Roop is sure that Shivika will break up with their new connection found. Shivay and Anika take the matter as fate twist and decide to be together. Roop then plans to trap Tej, Jhanvi, Pinky and Shakti in the fire incident case. Will Roop succeed to exact her revenge? Keep reading.


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