Ishqbaaz: Shivay grows suspicious about Roop’s past


Anika asks Shivay to give her some attention. She doesn’t want him to get away from her. She gets annoyed with him. Shivay asks her if she can live without him. He tells her that he can’t imagine to live without her and he will never let her go away even if she wills to do so. They have a moment, which breaks by Roop. Roop tells them about Bhavya’s first rasoi rasam. Shivay tries to get more information about the foreman. Bhavya serves the halwa to the family and gets praised by them. The family members gives shagun to Bhavya and fulfill the rituals from their sides. The family enjoys some light moments.

Jhanvi regrets that they couldn’t see Rudra and Bhavya’s marriage. Shivay tells them that its recorded and they can watch it anytime they want. The family likes Shivay’s well-planned move. Shivay tells Anika that he won’t sit in peace till he finds Veer and gets him arrested. Anika doesn’t want Shivay to be stressed. He knows Veer is too smart to get caught. He decides to make a plan to nab Veer in their personal space.

Shivay calls the media to make an announcement. Roop thinks its nothing important and Shivay is just gaining attention. She gets stunned when Shivay reveals about Veer to the media. Shivay reveals Veer’s true wicked intentions against the Oberoi family. He tells the family and media that Veer and Shwetlana were together in their plan. He asks media to help them find Veer, who is a criminal on loose. Anika reveals an evidence against Veer. She tells the media that she can produce the video in which Veer has confessed his crimes. Roop gets angry on Veer again. She informs Veer about the evidence which Shivay is going to hand over to police. Veer decides to steal the pen drive. Roop guides him about the evidence. Shivay gives a break to the security officers so that Veer comes home and gets caught up in his plan. Roop gets a relief when she finds Shivay giving a holiday to the security guards. She informs Veer about the perfect chance to steal the evidence. She asks Veer to come home.

Veer takes advantage of the situation and arrives there. Shivay plays the video of Rudra and Bhavya’s wedding. The family enjoys watching the video. Veer feels Oberois got too negligent after Shwetlana went to jail. He thinks its easy to get the evidence. He goes hunting for the pen drive. He gets over confident that he can defeat Shivay. Veer looks for the pen drive, unaware that its a trap. Anika catches Veer and reveals her plan to trap him by a lie. Veer threatens to kill her to take revenge for her cheat. She tells him that she had no proof against him, but now she will have a proof. Veer blurts out his crimes so that she gets afraid of him. Veer tells Anika that he did everything to ruin Oberois, but she can’t do anything without any evidence. He pities her. She then shows him his confession and shocks him. Before Veer could attack her, Shivay reaches his lady love and gets the villain arrested. Shivay decides to find out about Roop’s past and her illegitimate child. Will he find out Roop and Veer’s relation? Keep reading.


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