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    Suyyash comes across Falguni

    Ikyawann: Susheel thinks of convincing Sarthi some how. The ladies get troubled by some dogs. Susheel goes back to Sarthi for a talk. She tries to handle the dogs. She falls down. Sarthi tames the dogs, which surprises Susheel. She surrenders to calm the dogs and tells Susheel that its not necessary to fight always. She likes the fact that Susheel took risk for others. She asks Susheel to drop the dogs at Leela’s house. Susheel finds it tough. Satya plays with Kiran, who asks about Susheel. He tells Kiran that Susheel will come soon. Soumya gets angry and misbehaves with Kiran when Satya doesn’t see her.


    Anika asks Shivay to give her some attention. She doesn’t want him to get away from her. She gets annoyed with him. Shivay asks her if she can live without him. He tells her that he can’t imagine to live without her and he will never let her go away even if she wills to do so. They have a moment, which breaks by Roop. Roop tells them about Bhavya’s first rasoi rasam. Shivay tries to get more information about the foreman. Bhavya serves the halwa to the family and gets praised by them. The family members gives shagun to Bhavya and fulfill the rituals from their sides. The family enjoys some light moments.

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

    Adi and Roshni meet the smugglers and try to get Romi freed. Adi asks the man to leave Romi. He hands over the fake diamonds to the man. The man finds out his trick and scolds Adi for his move. He asks Adi to get the diamonds if he wants to save Romi’s life. Adi agrees to get the diamonds. Mihika and Ruhi face a tough time to complete the rituals to protect Ishita. Mrs. Iyer helps them out and prays for Ishita’s protection. Ishita and Raman visit a church again. Ishita gets possessed by the spirit. She behaves weird, which scares Raman, Shagun and Aaliya. A church priest spots her and relieves her from the spirit’s control. Ishita faints down. Raman worries for Ishita.


    It gets tough for Kartik to pass time and wait for the operation to end. He talks to some old men and tells them about his love story with Naira. He wishes the surgery gets successful. The men give their best wishes and bless him to become a good father. Kartik revisits his love story while sharing it with them. He stays worried for Naira, who undergoes the surgery. Naira holds much courage. Aryan tells Suhana that Naira has gone for the surgery and the house looks lonely without Kartik and Naira. Suhana finds it a good chance to enter the house and impress the family in Naira’s absence. Kartik asks the doctor about Naira’s surgery result, if its successful or not. He wants to know if Naira is safe.

    Kaal Bhairav Rahasya:

    Rahul and Gauri find Yashpal. Yashpal tells them that he had found Shambu and Rudra there and arrested them. He recollects how he took them to the police station. Police seized the Shivlings as well. Shambu prays and doesn’t oppose the police. Yashpal spies on Rudra. Rudra tells Yashpal that Seth ji is after the Shivlings too. Yashpal tells Rahul that Rudra might have hypnotized him. Rahul checks for Shambu in the police station. Yashpal finds Shambu and Rudra in lockup. He doesn’t find the Shivlings. He tells Rahul that Shambu and Rudra have fooled them. Gauri explains them that its not any hypnotism. Namrata keeps a watch on them to know the Shivlings. She tries to find the Shivlings. Shakti finds a chance and attacks Thakur to kill him. She tells him that her motive is to become the temple and village head.

    Lakhan tries to protect Thakur. Shakti runs away to save herself. Gauri talks to Rudra and Shambu to know about them. Rudra asks them to get him out of the lockup if they want help. Rudra shows his spiritual powers. He then disappears along with Shambu. The thief robs a person. Rudra and Shambu stop him from committing the robbery and try to get him on the right path. Yashpal learns about Shambu and Rudra running away from the lockup. Seth ji kidnaps Preeti and Minty. Seth ji calls up Yashpal and tries to barter for Preeti and Minty’s lives. Seth ji threatens of killing the villagers. Rahul worries for his family. Namrata meets Seth ji to know about him.


    Avni tells Saisha and Samrat that she loves them a lot. She wants to bring a change in the world through them. She doesn’t want them to be called illegitimate. She asks them to be recognized by their talents and work. She asks Saisha to fulfill her dreams by making her own identity. Saisha breaks down. She apologizes to Avni. Avni asks her to remember that she doesn’t need a surname to get a recognition. Neil asks Avni to adopt Saisha legally. Avni refuses to him. Neil meets KK and asks him if he truly loves Saisha. KK is hurt by Saisha’s lie. He tells Neil that he likes Saisha but he is in dilemma now. Neil tells KK that Saisha loves him and lied for his sake. He explains KK that lie always hurts the lovers, but he should understand Saisha once. He asks KK to give one chance to Saisha.


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