Naamkarann: Neil to support Avni post her fake death drama

heartbreaking Neil Avni

Neil and Avni answer the media, when they face tough questions about Avni’s fake death drama. Neil hasn’t forgiven Avni completely, but still supports her. He says Avni has got bail, she is now free, and about the past incident, Vidyut had attacked Avni to kill her, Avni had eloped and got hidden from the world to save her life, is this anything wrong, she did this to save her life from Vidyut, she didn’t look back again, I don’t think its any crime to protect own self. Reporter asks Neil how could Avni not know about Vidyut’s arrest and what else was happening behind her back when the times have changed so much. Neil tells them that Vidyut has confessed his crime in front of him.

Avni gets angry on the media when they raise question on Saisha’s illegitimacy. Avni raises a voice to defend Saisha. She scolds the media. She asks the reporter to tell about his parents first, how would his parents think about his cheap mindset. She threatens the media.

Reporter asks her not to misbehave and not let him do his work to dig out the truth. He says everyone knows Saisha is illegitimate, we want to know who are her parents. Saisha also gets troubled seeing Avni facing such questions. Saisha gets crying. Avni stays strong. Avni answers the media and faces their questions to shut them up. Neil doesn’t want Avni to fight with the media. He calms her down and tells the media that the police has no proof against Avni to prove her guilty. Avni understands Neil still loves her. Neil acts to support Avni in front of the family, but he shows Avni that he is not concerned about her. He expresses his annoyance towards her.


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