Naamkarann: Saisha requests Avni for legal adoption

Naamkarann serial

Avni tells Saisha and Samrat that she loves them a lot. She wants to bring a change in the world through them. She doesn’t want them to be called illegitimate. She asks them to be recognized by their talents and work. She asks Saisha to fulfill her dreams by making her own identity. Saisha breaks down. She apologizes to Avni. Avni asks her to remember that she doesn’t need a surname to get a recognition. Neil asks Avni to adopt Saisha legally. Avni refuses to him. Neil meets KK and asks him if he truly loves Saisha. KK is hurt by Saisha’s lie. He tells Neil that he likes Saisha but he is in dilemma now. Neil tells KK that Saisha loves him and lied for his sake. He explains KK that lie always hurts the lovers, but he should understand Saisha once. He asks KK to give one chance to Saisha.

KK realizes he loves Saisha a lot. Neil advises him to talk to Kamini and convince her. Kamini tells KK that Saisha has no surname, and she can’t accept Saisha in her family. Avni tells Neil and their family that she wants Saisha to go in such a family where she gets respect. She wants a family like Khanna family for Saisha. She is sure that Saisha will get someone true like Neil.

Saisha asks KK to give her a chance. KK feels helpless. Avni asks everyone to pack their bags as they have to return to Sukoon house. Bebe requests her not to go, and stay back with the children. Avni doesn’t want to return in Neil’s life, knowing how much angered he is. Saisha informs Avni about Kamini’s condition. She asks Avni to adopt her. Avni gets angry as Saisha is forgetting every teaching for marrying KK. Avni asks Saisha not to run after KK, as he doesn’t deserve her. Saisha tells Avni that she doesn’t want to live as an illegitimate. Avni doesn’t think Saisha knows the meaning of true love. Saisha rebels and instigates Avni’s anger. Neil stops Avni from slapping Saisha. Avni tries to talk out to Neil. She asks him not to forgive her if he can’t. She tells him that she loves him a lot, and he will understand her love some day. She tries to make him realize her sacrifice.

Neil and family give some sense to Saisha. They tell Saisha about Avni’s fight. Saisha feels Avni isn’t able to see her pain, she is selfish and doesn’t understand love. She doesn’t want to lose her true love. Sunehri and Neil get angry hearing Saisha’s madness. Sunehri asks Saisha not to say anything against Avni. Neil takes Saisha with him. KK meets Avni and tells her that he loves Saisha. He wants Avni to adopt Saisha. Avni doesn’t think KK loves Saisha truly. She asks him why is he judging Saisha by her background. KK feels helpless because of Kamini. He asks her to adopt Saisha. She feels his love is so weak that he can’t oppose the society to stand for Saisha. She apologizes and refuses for the alliance once again.



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