Tu Aashiqui: JD stoops more to defame Pankti


JD gets crazy to make Pankti his mistress again. He wanted to own Pankti and molest her. He failed in his attempt because of fate. JD then plans to trap Ahaan and Pankti in his plan. He drops Pankti to Ahaan’s room and calls up Anita to come home for creating a storm. Anita acts innocent and lands at his mansion to enquire about Pankti. She tells the family that Pankti is with Ahaan. The family receives a shock when they find Pankti in Ahaan’s room. Vikram gets enraged on Pankti’s cheap doings. He misunderstands Pankti. JD takes advantage of the matter and raises a question on Pankti’s character for being with Ahaan before their marriage.

Ahaan and Pankti have a talk after she gets conscious. Ahaan tells her that he liked her surprise. She worries because of JD. She tells Ahaan that she didn’t message him. Ahaan shows her messages, unaware that JD has sent him the messages from her phone. Pankti denies to know anything. JD puts them in a big trouble. He clicks obscene pictures of Pankti and threatens to defame her by making the pictures viral. Ahaan and Pankti fall in a big trap.


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