Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Shagun to sort Ishita’s paranormal issues

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Shagun returns; New twists ahead

Adi and Roshni meet the smugglers and try to get Romi freed. Adi asks the man to leave Romi. He hands over the fake diamonds to the man. The man finds out his trick and scolds Adi for his move. He asks Adi to get the diamonds if he wants to save Romi’s life. Adi agrees to get the diamonds. Mihika and Ruhi face a tough time to complete the rituals to protect Ishita. Mrs. Iyer helps them out and prays for Ishita’s protection. Ishita and Raman visit a church again. Ishita gets possessed by the spirit. She behaves weird, which scares Raman, Shagun and Aaliya. A church priest spots her and relieves her from the spirit’s control. Ishita faints down. Raman worries for Ishita.

Roshni apologizes to Adi that her idea didn’t work out. Adi tries to find the diamonds. The priest tells Raman that Ishita is possessed by some spirit. Raman doesn’t believe him. Shagun believes the priest after seeing Ishita’s condition. Raman doesn’t feel there is anything wrong with Ishita. Ishita gets conscious and forgets everything again. She asks Ishita if he is hiding something from her.

Shagun’s tensions get high. She thanks the priest for guiding her. Adi meets the smugglers and refuse to know about the diamonds. He tells the man that he didn’t find the diamonds and he can’t help it. He asks the man to free Romi. Adi’s angry avatar impresses the smuggler, who gets attracted to Adi. The smuggler finds him a bold and daring man, and asks Adi for a kiss if he wants Romi to get freed. Romi asks Adi to kiss the man and get him released. Adi tricks the smuggler and runs away with Romi. Adi and Roshni succeed to save Romi. Romi makes fun of Adi. Roshni tells Romi that Adi has dealt the matter in a good way. She defends Adi.

Mihika calls up Romi, who doesn’t want to answer her calls. Roshni asks Romi to talk to Mihika as it can be something serious. Mihika yells at Romi for being so careless. Romi feels sorry to spoil his relationship with Mihika. Roshni cheers up Adi and Romi. Adi finds Roshni’s behavior sweet. He gets bowled over by her modern and bold side. Mihika takes help from Bhavna. Bhavna assures to help her in protecting Ishita. Bhavna gets attacked by the cab driver. Shagun tries to normalize Ishita. Ishita gets scared finding Sonakshi’s spirit around. Raman wants to know Ishita and Sonakshi’s connection. The family loses Ishita. They get finding her. Shagun worries for Ishita. She tells Raman that they have to sort Ishita’s paranormal issues, else they would lose Ishita forever.


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