High Five Spoilers

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Saam Daam Dand Bhed:
Anant house arrests Mandira. He wants to take revenge from Vijay. He doesn’t want Mandira to support Bulbul and Vijay. Mandira hides from Anant and informs Bulbul that Anant is at home, but she will come to meet her after he leaves. Anant gives her medicines and asks her not to go out of the house. She tells him that she has to go to doctor. He tells her that he will call doctor home. He doesn’t let her help Vijay. Mandira wants to prove Vijay’s innocence. Anant learns her plans and faints her to stop her at home.

Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya:
Diya feels heartbroken. She is sad that Ratan rejected her love. Her dreams break down. She misses Ratan and wears his jacket. She hugs his jacket and cries. She decides to divorce Ratan and free him from the unwanted marriage. Her love is not in her control. Her feelings are going on increasing for Ratan. She knows Ratan will never accept her. She imagines Ratan everywhere. Ratan finds Diya holding his jacket. He feels bad. He takes the jacket and wears it. Ratan gets ready. Diya gets hurt by his elbow. He apologizes to her.

Jiji Maa:

Suyash talks to Falguni on call. She asks him not to come home. He wonders if she is joking. He tells her that he will come soon. Suyash comes home from office. He gets happy to spend time with Falguni. He wasn’t aware of the Naxals presence at home. He gets attacked by the Naxals. Suyash fights with them. The Naxal injures Suyash and faint him. Suyash gets captive by the Naxals. Falguni worries for Suyash. The Naxal scolds her and asks her to explain her hero that they are really dangerous. He asks Falguni to do aid to her husband and make him come to senses.


Susheel gets angry on Satya. She ruins his room and belongings. She breaks the cupboard. She breaks everything by taking his hockey stick. Satya asks her what is she doing. She tells her that this is a demo to show what he did in her life, he has also ruined everything in her life and she wants him to realize his mistake. She asks him to open his eyes and see what he did with her. Leela and Soumya find her angry and stay quiet. Satya imagines Susheel back in the house. He dreams of Susheel breaking the things and behaving boyish. He then finds the room fine and thinks of Susheel. He misses Susheel.

Dil Se Dil Tak:

Parth and Shorvori show the room to Teni. Teni gets too excited seeing the wonderful room. She likes the comforts. She jumps on the bed and likes the soft mattress. She reacts like a kid. Parth and Shorvori laugh hearing her words. Teni then gets a worry in mind. She asks Parth about the missing fan in her room. She says even my chawl room has a fan. Shorvori tells her that there is centralized AC in their house, but maybe she needs a fan instead AC. She says I understand you would be getting sleep by the fan sound, I will arrange a fan for you. Teni thanks Shorvori. Parth assures Teni that everything will be like she wants.


Saisha runs away from the house. She wants to elope with KK, but KK doesn’t turn up. Saisha starts the new drama. Avni and Neil get worried for Saisha. Avni gets much hurt. Neil tries to find out Saisha. Neil asks DD to find out Saisha. He assures Avni that he will get Saisha home. Avni feels she has failed to raise Saisha by giving her good values. Neil sends Saisha’s picture to his staff. Avni says I have explained Saisha so much, still Saisha has forgotten the difference between right and wrong.


Sitaram organizes a feast to celebrate Sukhdev’s success in exams. Chandra gets upset when Sitaram doesn’t care for him. He gets much depressed. Chandra’s uncle and aunt come to stay in their house. They belong to Banaras. Jagrani gets happy to meet relatives. Jagrani makes food for them. Chandra assists her in work. Aunt creates a scene when Chandra helps her. She dislikes him as he keeps friendship with low caste Bheels. Watson makes a plan to catch Sindhal and sends his team in the jungle. Sindhal doesn’t get caught. He asks his men to catch Chandra, as the little boy will make his way to reach Watson. Jagrani takes a stand for Chandra, when aunt frames him in theft. Chandra fails to please Sitaram. Jagrani supports him. She makes Chandra’s uncle and aunt leave the house. Chandra goes to school. Sindhal sends his men to kidnap Chandra.


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