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    Suyyash comes across Falguni

    YRKKH: Kartik and Naira decide to stay positive and accept any result as fate. They decide to meet the doctor and know the surgery results. Naksh plays the dhol and surprises Goenkas. Singhanias get a good news for Naira. They reveal the positive results of Naira’s surgery, that Naira can conceive soon. The good news bring much joy in Goenka family. Naitik tells Naira that she is completely fine and can soon have a baby. Naira thanks Lord for fulfilling her dreams. Kartik and Naira congratulate each other. Their attempts succeed. Naira doesn’t stay stressed about anything. Kartik hugs her. Everyone dances and celebrates the good news.


    Shivay and Anika catch Veer red-handed and get him arrested by laying the perfect trap for Veer. Anika tells Veer that Shivay has always failed his plans. She taunts Veer for getting fooled so easily. She insults Veer a lot, which infuriates Roop. Veer pledges to ruin the Oberois. Veer tells them that this is not the end, its just a start and he will surely come back to settle scores with them. Roop worries for Veer. She reacts strange. She stops Shivay from beating Veer. She asks Shivay to let police do the work. Veer warns Shivay. He vows to ruin Shivika and entire Oberoi family. Veer gets arrested. Shivay asks the inspector to find out Veer’s accomplice. He hands over the evidence against Veer to police.


    Avni cancels KK and Saisha’s relation. She tells him that he can’t support Saisha always. KK asks her if she wants similar life for Saisha. Avni tells him that she wants to make Saisha more tougher than her. She doesn’t want any surname to support Saisha. She tells KK that maybe he needs his surname to live in his life. She scolds him when he reminds that she is also an illegitimate. KK gets a lesson. KK tells Kamini that he wants to marry Saisha, and give his surname to Saisha. She wants to prove that Saisha isn’t worthy to become part of their family. She just wants someone rich to be associated with her family. KK tells her that he loves Saisha a lot.

    Kaal Bhairav Rahasya:

    Yashpal makes a plan to catch Namrata, who is still finding the shivlings. Yashpal tells Rahul that they will save Preeti and Minty, and not spare Seth ji. Shambu protects the shivlings. He worships, while Rudra guards him. Gauri realizes the Lord just signs the devotee to follow the right path, but the human has to fight the battle oneself. Preeti and Minty are at Seth ji’s house. They find everything similar as their house. Seth ji meets them and asks them not to get out of the room. Preeti tries to see his face, but misses. Namrata goes to find the shivlings. She sees the Shivlings revolving in air. She attempts to get the Shivlings. Yashpal traps Namrata in his plan. He catches her and asks her to call Seth ji. He asks her to mislead Seth ji and inform him that she got the Shivlings.

    Namrata gets trapped by police. She calls Seth ji and asks him to meet her if he wants to get the shivlings. Seth ji agrees to her. Namrata asks Rahul to keep her along. Rahul tells her that he hates her. Gauri gets Rahul’s call. She learns Yashpal has caught up Namrata and now the police is trying to catch Seth ji.

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

    Ishita spots Sonakshi’s spirit again. Raman and Shagun get scared for her, after knowing her connection with Sonakshi. Shagun tells Ishita about Sonakshi’s details. She discusses the matter with Raman. They decide to keep the matter to themselves so that Ishita doesn’t get scared. Romi calls up Mihika and apologizes to her. He sets things fine between them. Roshni and Adi have a talk. Her words impress him. Roshni feels relations should grow stronger with time. She asks him to call Aaliya and apologize. They meet Aaliya and Ishita on the way. Adi tries to apologize to Roshni. Aaliya gets glad. Adi tells her about the day. Aaliya thanks Roshni for teaching this good behavior to Adi. She gets upset that Adi is not spending time with her.


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